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I am an Emotional Freedom Priestess and provide the space for you to come and explore, discover and release all unwanted feelings and emotions, to lead a life of freedom, creativity and serenity

If we all regularly let go of these emotions, as and when they arose, the world would be a better place.

I'm on a mission to raise awareness about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka 'tapping') because it is a simple and effective tool that anyone can use and can be used for anything. Even children can use it, and that is one of my passions too: that you use it with your children, for their mental and physical wellness too, and therefore that of their children further down the line.


My vision is to hold group EFT sessions with hundreds of women, on stage, all over the world, helping it heal one person at a time, one group at a time, knowing that the ripple effect will be incredible.


EFT is based on a combination of Chinese medicine, clinical psychology and the body’s energy system. By tapping various points at the end of the body’s meridians, problems can be eliminated in a short time, without years of therapy. It is very simple to learn and apply, and one of the quickest and most effective techniques I offer.

You can use it on your so-called 'negative' emotions (I prefer to call them 'challenging' emotions), on your child(ren), for your business, for your writing, for your money blocks and any other blocks you may be experiencing around any topic. 

EFT is the one tool I always teach my clients. All of them – whether they come to me for emotional issues, writing blocks, money blocks or business blocks. It is my go-to, number 1 tool. One of my superpowers is that I combine it with NLP and intuitive guidance, and I take my clients through my 3P 3-stage process.

EFT has so far been effective for everything in my own life, including trauma (from having a covert narcissistic father), stress, anxiety, habits, mindset issues, and even nausea (usually due to food intolerances). This is why I can't keep it to myself! I want the whole world to benefit!  

It is effective against emotional challenges but also physical issues, and of course physical manifestations of emotional or mental issues. 


'What if I have tried EFT before and it didn't work for me?' I hear you ask

Real, long-lasting change is only possible through hypnosis, because your deepest, longest-held beliefs are unconscious. EFT induces a light state of hypnosis (it's the repetitive tapping that does it, and also your hyper-focus on your emotions, your feelings and your words) and makes those changes you desire possible. If you have tried 10-minute EFT sessions on YouTube and it 'didn't work', it's normal. The first few experiences one has with EFT (me included, back in 2014!) are not very inspiring or conclusive. Come to one of my sessions and I will show you how deeply transformational an EFT session with me can be, thanks to my 3P 3-stage process.

Welcome to The Tapping Temple™!

Karen Bramall

'Thanks to EFT and intuitive guidance, Isabelle offers such a personal service. There is no one-size-fits-all about it. The first part of her sessions, she digs so deep with you into the feeling or emotion that you are having, which is nearly always an irrational one for me, to find out exactly what it is that you need to be working on; it is so precise and specific.

By the end of each of my sessions with Isabelle, I felt incredibly eased, like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and I felt so positive. She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box. She's such a lovely person, so amazing to work with, I recommend her to everybody. Thank you so much, Isabelle, you're an absolute superstar.'

Karen Bramall, founder of Baby Sleep the Night

Emotional Freedom Sessions can tackle any issues, but here is what I specialise in

Time & space freedom



Procrastination & organisation


Imposter syndrome

Anxiety, stress & trauma



So if you want to...

  • release old stories (wounds, traumas, deep-seated beliefs about yourself, life, money or business)
  • birth new stories (ones of abundance of time, creativity, serenity, money and freedom so that you can live the life you want and thrive)
  • let your real, beautiful, authentic self come to light confidently 
  • do your deep, important and transformational work in the world if you are a wellness practitioner
  • help other people and the next generations feel good in their minds and bodies...

... here's how we can work together:


EFT and intuitive guidance session (online or in person in Wallingford, Oxfordshire)

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EFT and intuitive guidance GROUP session at Santosha Wellbeing, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

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If you are feeling seriously blocked in life or in your career or business, if you are chronically stressed or anxious, disorganised or overwhelmed, and if you want unconditional support for 3 months, this 1:1 programme is for you

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Fortnightly group EFT and intuitive guidance sessions online, with the opportunity to get personalised tapping if you wish

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I provide EFT group sessions in all sorts of groups and settings; contact me to discuss your requirements

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