Supporting you editorially and emotionally as you birth your book and help heal the world

Welcome to Joyous Journeys!


So you want to help other people, in particular women and mothers, have a better, more fulfilling life.

You are here to light up the world.

Yes, you are a highly sensitive, highly intuitive, open-hearted lightworker and your book is needed in the world.

But you want support to create and birth your book.

The editorial support, the accountability, but also the emotional support.

The reassuring presence of another woman who can hold space for you while you birth your ideas.

Just as a birth doula does for a labouring woman, wiping her brow, telling her how well she is doing, how she is nearly at the end, ‘just a few more breaths’.

Book Doulaing is a gentle approach to book writing and publishing. It is as warm, compassionate and delicate as it sounds.

You need to feel safe before you can share your ideas.

I provide that safety.

You need to feel heard, understood and reassured.

I provide that constant understanding and reassurance.

You want someone to hold your hand as you birth your book and to show you the editorial ropes, because while you really enjoy writing, you are not very experienced and you certainly have no clue about the editorial process.

I am the doula that will facilitate the book birthing as well as the editing and proofreading.

You can relax and enjoy the joyous journey of bringing your book out into the world now.

I will give it and you all the attention you both need.

And if there are any blocks in your way, whether emotional, mental or spiritual; if childhood memories resurface (‘My mother always said my ideas were not original enough’, 'my teachers told me my grammar and spelling were appalling'); if you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to start/carry on/finish, you have me right there by your side for all this too.

Birthing your book is inextricably linked to birthing your true self.

Writing a book means being on a journey of self-discovery – as a person, as a writer, as a woman, as a mother and as a leader.


Are you ready? 


I only work with women who are ready. 

Anna Le Grange, author of The Mindful Breastfeed Book 

Before working with Isabelle, although I had started the writing process, it felt heavy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t enjoying writing and I was avoiding working on my book despite knowing it was what I wanted and was being called to do. Isabelle helped me to recognise what was holding me back from writing and then enabled me to free myself from those blocks using EFT and other techniques.

I would say that the fears and anxieties that I held were completely eradicated. I no longer worry about what others’ opinions of my writing might be and I feel free to express what I want to say in the way that feels true to me.

Isabelle has also helped me to structure my book and break down the chapters into clear and manageable chunks, making the writing process feel light and enjoyable.

I specialise in supporting women who want to write self-development books and (teaching) memoirs


Your book is about your story, why you do what you do and how you do it, and the programme(s) that you offer in your business


Your book is about your life, your learnings, your teachings, your approach to life, business and wellness and your philosophy



I would love to make your writing and publishing journey a most joyous one, and one where you get to the end of it feeling happy and triumphant.


So, again, are you ready?!


Yes! I want to book my Connection Call!

If we work together, I will take you on the most Joyous Journey you have ever experienced


from stress to serenity

from chaos to clarity

from complexity to simplicity

from uncertainty to certainty


In our sessions, you will release emotions, feelings, blocks and deep-seated unwanted beliefs, so that you can then easily move forward with your writing.


I will listen to you attentively and be guided by your wishes, desires and dreams, the solutions to which are based on your Human Design and your Sacred Writing Archetypes (determined by taking remarkably accurate assessments and tests).


I can't wait to meet you!


Thanks to the many tools I have in my therapy and coaching toolbox, my intuitive guidance and your own guidance, you will gain clarity on how to heal, how to be fully you and how to write, finish and sell your book.


You will follow your own blueprint and will never look elsewhere for any advice, safe in the knowledge that your wisdom is within you, always.


And you will never suffer from anxiety, stress, overwhelm or burnout ever again.


Because you will DO YOU and BE YOU and WRITE YOUR BOOK



Dany Griffiths

Author of I Just Want a Baby: A Guide for Your Emotional Well-being on Your Journey from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom

When Isabelle approached me to find out if she could be of any support to me with the writing of my book, I wasn’t sure I needed help. I felt confident in my ability to write as I had a lot of experience creating programmes which required workbooks to go with them. I also knew that I had the discipline to maintain motivation throughout the writing process.

After consideration, the reason I chose to do the Birth Your Book Programme was that I wanted to ensure my book didn’t just feel like a larger version of a workbook.

I found it very valuable to chat through writing ideas with Isabelle and really appreciated how she would also follow up with additional thoughts on a topic we’d been discussing, as she processed the ideas further in her mind between sessions (the tag line for my book being a fabulous example of this).

Isabelle blends a lovely mix of fun, creative inspiration and gentle encouragement with practical steps for self-publishing.

Isabelle also recommends trusted people you need on your ‘book birthing team’, for such things as editing, proofreading, formatting and book cover design – all saving time and energy.

Isabelle leaves you in no doubt that she is as passionate about you getting to the point of birthing your book as you are, and although I did not initially feel like I ‘needed’ to work with Isabelle, I am glad I trusted my instincts as it was 100% the right decision to do so.

There are three ways we can work together

The Tapping Temple for Writers™

(weekly online EFT group sessions, on Tuesday mornings at 9.15am London time)

If you want to access EFT/tapping sessions at a reasonable investment level and be in a small community of like-minded women, the Tapping Temple for Writers™ is for you.

Each woman taps on what is most relevant to her that day with regards to her writing (which can be for her book, her blog, a guest post, her newsletter, etc. – any kind of writing). 

£33 per session

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Birth Your Book

(9-month programme)

If you are ready to finally write your book, whether you already know all the details and the structure or you only have a vague idea, I support you emotionally and editorially in my 9-month 1:1 Birth Your Book programme, from the seed of an idea right through to (self-)publication

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The Writing Women Wisemind

(9-month 'mastermind' programme for up to 6 women)

This is similar to the Birth Your Book 1:1 programme, but it is a group programme, a 'mastermind' where we all work on our books at the same time, at roughly the same rate, so that we all self-publish at the same time by the end of it.

I only open the doors to the Wisemind once a year. It runs from January till October, over 38 sessions.

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