Book & Business Doula

I am Isabelle and I support you with book writing, the self-publishing process and business expansion

as you help heal the world

You have read allllll of the books...

It is now time you wrote your own!

You are a conscious, soul-centred, highly sensitive and visionary coach, healer or therapist, you are an entrepreneuse with ideas, and it is time to put all your learnings, teachings and wisdom into a book.


It is time to expand…


your self

your business

your vision

confidently and proudly

by writing a book that will elevate your brand.


It is time to birth your book.

Welcome to Joyous Journeys!

Creating the business and leading the movement you have been dreaming of for months, years or even decades is now your top priority.

And you have found me, Isabelle, Book & Business Doula.

I am here to hold space for you and guide you on one of the most exciting and joyous journeys you will ever be on, as you expand into the next version of yourself in your life and business and write your book.

I work with highly sensitive women who need space and time to get organised in their lives and businesses and to write, around their energy levels, their cycles (including their creativity cycle), their families and their clients.

Writing, for us sensitive women, takes time. We can't just sit down and write every day for 4 hours and get the book done in a month.

As an editor and proofreader with over 20 years' experience in the publishing industry both in-house and freelance, as a hypnotherapist and NLP, EFT, IEMT and Reiki practitioner since 2014, and as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach and a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach since 2019, I combine all my skills and experience in my book doula offerings, providing a safe space for you to explore your blocks around writing as well as around leadership, money mindset, business and, well... life! 

I am so much more than a book coach as I offer the emotional support in all the areas that might affect your writing – not just grammar, spelling and structure issues.

I do this because I know that leading a book to successful completion comes with a lot of baggage from past emotional issues as well as very practical problems that need to be solved in order to create the mental and physical space for the birth of your book.

 Over the past 3 years that I have dedicated to book doulaing (with additional money and business support where necessary), I have helped around 30 women write and publish their books. Dany Griffiths is one of them. Click here to see my book portfolio and here to see more testimonials.

Dany Griffiths

'I found it very valuable to chat through writing ideas with Isabelle and really appreciated how she would also follow up with additional thoughts on a topic we’d been discussing, as she processed the ideas further in her mind between sessions (the tag line for my book being a fabulous example of this).

Isabelle blends a lovely mix of fun, creative inspiration and gentle encouragement with practical steps for self-publishing.

Isabelle also recommends trusted people you need on your ‘book birthing team’, for such things as editing, proofreading, formatting and book cover design – all saving time and energy.

Isabelle leaves you in no doubt that she is as passionate about you getting to the point of birthing your book as you are, and although I did not initially feel like I ‘needed’ to work with Isabelle, I am glad I trusted my instincts as it was 100% the right decision to do so.'

Dany Griffiths, author of I Just Want to have a Baby: A Guide for Your Emotional Well-being on Your Journey from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom and creator of the Freedom Fertility Formula™ 

I can help you with...

Time & space freedom



Procrastination & organisation


Imposter syndrome

Anxiety, stress & trauma

Money mindset


So if you want to...

  • release old stories (wounds, traumas, deep-seated beliefs about yourself, writing, life, money or business)
  • birth new stories (ones of abundance of time, creativity, serenity, money and freedom so that you can finally write your book, live the life you want and thrive)
  • let your real, beautiful, authentic self come to light confidently 
  • do your deep, important and transformational work in the world
  • help other people and the next generations feel good in their minds and bodies...

... here's how we can work together:

'Release the Muse within' hypnosis mp3

If you want some help from your subconscious with releasing your blocks around writing, this is my free gift to you to welcome you to my Writing World!

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Birth Your Book

If you are ready to write your book, the one that explains why you do what you do and how you do it, I support you emotionally & editorially in my 9-month 1:1 Birth Your Book programme, from the seed of an idea right through to publication

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The Writing Women Wisemind

If you would like to go on this writing and self-publishing journey alongside other women rather than 1:1, this 9-month 'mastermind' starts on 19 January 2022

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One-off 1:1 EFT Breakthrough Session

Are you experiencing a sudden block or difficult emotions in your life, business, money mindset or writing? This session is for you. In 75 minutes, you will feel light, calm and clear and know what to do to move forward


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Idea Implementation Day

Block off a whole day to work on your book or your business (website, offers, pricing, schedule, workflow, etc.) and I will block off MY day to support you by voice notes (on the app 'Telegram'). Let’s light a fire under your writing or/and business so you can make great progress on your book or/and leaps in your business (including money mindset) in just ONE DAY!


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Interested in my services for your  Facebook group or your online or IRL circle?

I provide EFT group sessions in all sorts of groups and settings; contact me to discuss your requirements. (IRL: mostly Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, but I will also consider further afield)

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Welcome to The Tapping Temple™!


... where all the magic happens

... where you get to transform yourself into a confident and accomplished writer

... where you are held in deep reverence as you work through whatever is holding you back

... where you can give voice to emotions, feelings, beliefs and blocks that have been keeping you small

... where you can release it all and grow into the person and writer you are meant to be in this time

... thanks to EFT/tapping, my expert guidance, my intuition, powerful and infinite holding, and compassionate nurturing

It is an online temple, it is a physical temple (my garden studio), it is an energetic temple – it is whatever you need it to be and you are welcome to stay here for as long as you want.

If my temple and guidance are calling you and if you would like to discuss your requirements before booking anything, simply schedule your Connection Call below

Let's connect and talk through the option(s) you are considering.


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