Emotional Freedom Priestess


Guiding women to a life of awareness, passion, freedom, serenity and creativity

Hi, I’m Isabelle!


I offer deeply transformational sessions around identity, awareness and emotional freedom, both face to face in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire, and online.


I LOVE helping you free yourself from the emotions and feelings that plague you and your daily life.

If you want to work even more deeply, I will help you determine what your 13 Guiding Lights are and how they can guide you and your decisions in your life and business. 


* From there, being YOU is so much easier. 

* From there, you can be unapologetically you – because you know that this is you. How could you be anyone else? 

* From there, everything in your business feels easy and intuitive. 

* From there, the thoughts and behaviours that are natural to you come back and you will never ever feel inadequate, stress, anxious or burnt out ever again.


Are you ready? 

I only work with women who are ready. 

Karen Bramall, founder of Baby Sleep the Night

Isabelle offers such a personal service. There is no one-size-fits-all about it. The first part of her sessions, she digs so deep with you into the feeling or emotion that you are having, which is nearly always an irrational one for me, to find out exactly what it is that you need to be working on; it is so precise and specific.

By the end of each of my sessions with Isabelle, I felt incredibly eased, like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and I was able to move forward in my life, feeling entirely different, so positive. 

She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box. She's such a lovely person, so amazing to work with, I recommend her to everybody.

Thank you so much, Isabelle, you're an absolute superstar.

Want to get started on your 13 Guiding Lights journey?

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With my guidance, there is no limit to what you can achieve thanks to your Guiding Lights and EFT.


My path to identity and emotional freedom was long and arduous (read more about me here)


I would love to make it shorter and more joyous for you.


So, again, are you ready?!

Yes! I want to book my Connection Call!

If we work together, I will take you on the most Joyous Journey you have ever experienced


from stress to serenity

from chaos to clarity

from complexity to simplicity

from uncertainty to certainty


In our sessions, you will release emotions, feelings, blocks and deep-seated unwanted beliefs, so that you can then easily move forward with what you most want in your life.


I will listen to you attentively and be guided by your wishes, desires and dreams, the solutions to which are based on your Human Design and your Archetypes (determined by taking remarkably accurate assessments and tests).


I can't wait to meet you!


Thanks to the many tools I have in my therapy and coaching toolbox, my intuitive guidance and your own guidance, you will gain clarity on how to heal, how to be fully you and how to move forward in your life or/and business.


You will follow your own blueprint and will never look elsewhere for any advice, safe in the knowledge that your wisdom is within you, always.


And you will never suffer from anxiety, stress, overwhelm or burnout ever again.


Because you will DO YOU and BE YOU



Find out more about my 6-month 'Your 13 Guiding Lights' programme

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Kate M., UK

I cannot recommend Isabelle highly enough. I signed up to work with her because I felt that I had become stuck with the same difficulties, reacting in the same way and never making the changes I wanted to. I was lacking confidence, having difficulties making decisions and not feeling great about myself.

Over the course of my sessions with Isabelle, that has all changed.

Isabelle is very easy to talk to and very good at helping you understand what the problem is. The techniques she uses are extremely practical and useful. Because they worked, I used them. 

Isabelle has a huge number of different resources and techniques to help unlock your potential.

I feel that I now have an inner confidence that was lacking before and I’m keen to get out and explore the world, one of my biggest dreams for a very long time.

Here are 3 other ways you can work with me

The Tapping Temple™

(weekly online EFT group sessions, on Tuesday mornings at 9.15am London time)

If you want to access EFT/tapping sessions at a reasonable investment level and be in a small community of like-minded women, the Tapping Temple™ is for you.

It is a weekly online group session (on Zoom) and each woman taps on what is most relevant to her that day. 

£33 per session

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EFT Breakthrough Session

(75-minute 1:1 session)

Whatever your issue, EFT/tapping will help you clear at least one emotion around that issue. At the very least, it will relax you, your body and your mind, and you will be able to make decisions more easily, even if it is to do nothing. 

£188 per session

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Rewrite Your Money Story

(6-month programme)

In this 6-month programme, we tackle EVERYTHING linked to money, using your Sacred Money Archetypes® and a vast array of guided meditations and exercises

We ONLY talk about money and your relationship with it, be it only recently complicated or always an issue.

From £3,555 (payment plan available)

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I can help you with...

Time & space freedom

Sleep issues

Identity & boundaries

Procrastination & organisation

Money mindset





Want to know absolutely everything I offer?

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