21 things I did in 2021

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Happy New Year, everyone!
Wishing you a peaceful, joyful and healthful 2022!
Here are 21 things I did in 2021.
1. I didn't choose my word of the year, it chose me. 'Depth' was all I heard at the end of December 2020 and I didn't know why. Then I knew. And it kept going deeper and deeper. Right till the end of December 2021, when at the same time I heard 'Simplicity' as my word of the year for 2022. That feels much nicer and lighter, thank you! I hope it holds true, as steadfastly as 'depth' did in 2021!
2. I started swimming in my local lake in June. I have only been 7 times but today I went for the 8th time - the first time of 2022, and it was soooo cold that it was painful and I CRIED!! I breathed, warmed up again, and went in again, this time up to my waist. But that is all I could manage. Last time I went, mid-November, I pushed through that horrible feeling and regretted it all day, my body lost as to how it was supposed to feel and to regulate itself. I felt sick, I felt headachy, I was exhausted. Not an experience I wish to have again. So I am proud of having listened to myself and my body (and past me!) today.
3. I created my Writing Women Wisemind, finally! Two years in the making, never launched as I was never confident I could 'pull it off'. This time, I am hanging on. One beautiful soul has joined already. Book a Connection Call here if you are ready to write your book this year, you highly sensitive, highly intuitive, heart-centred, conscious coach, therapist, healer, spiritual teacher or mentor, you quiet leader. Birth your book in 2022 in the company of a few other women (no more than 9 others). We will meet weekly via Zoom and while it is a mastermind, where we can all chip in for support and ideas, I will be leading it, supporting you editorially, emotionally and practically. You can be anywhere in the world, as long as 1pm London time on Wednesdays suits your schedule. Book a Connection Call here or book your space on my upcoming masterclass, 'How to elevate your business by writing and self-publishing your book in 2022' taking place on Monday 10th January (book here).  
4. I looked after our beautiful Russian Blue cat Minton like he was my newborn baby after being hit by a car mid-September. I would truly have been distraught (especially on behalf of our girls) if he hadn't been saved by the kindest soul on Earth and hadn't made it through his hip surgery (and again his tail surgery nearly 2 months later). It was an honour to hand-feed him several times a day for a week or so. He hasn't been outside since (enforced confinement!), and I already shake at the idea that at some point in the spring he will...
5. I changed my name to Isabelle. It is a veeeery long story of name-hatred through the ages, so I won't bore you with that (I have written blog posts about it herehere and here). Some days, I'm not sure it's the right name (but it would be so confusing if I changed it again!). Other days I am quite sure, and yet other days I feel ok anyone calling me whatever name they prefer for me. I now have many and I quite like it!
6. I redid my website 5 times (or maybe more!). I'll probably redo it again this coming week (just the home page). It's like moving furniture around in my studio – it's gotta be right. The energy has to feel good and accurate in my studio as on my website. It's not because I'm fickle. I'm not – I am a multipassionate entrepreneuse with ideas and I want my readers to have the right flavour of what I am offering that day/month/quarter. 
7. I joyfully supported a few clients as they birthed their books and released them into the world. I felt (and still feel) like a proud mama!
8. I created my Writing Womb Podcast and so far have interviewed three astounding women. I am looking forward to interviewing many more in 2022 and maybe doing a few solo episodes too.
9. I created my Tapping Temple™ – an online space where I lead EFT sessions (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka 'tapping') in order to help people release whatever unwanted emotions, feelings or physical sensations they are experiencing. It is my way of reaching and helping as many people as possible. I hold weekly sessions on Thursdays and you can book yours here. The next session is on Thursday 6th January at 9.30am GMT. The next America-friendly session is on 13th January at 2pm GMT/9am EST. I am hoping to also offer a fortnightly session for teenage girls. Contact me if that is something you/your daughter would be interested in. [EDIT IN JUNE 2022: this no longer exists.]
10. I spent 13 glorious days in France in August, with one of my oldest French friends and then with my mum. I tasted freedom again, after a whole year of not seeing my country or my mum, and not travelling at all. I hope it won't be another year before I see them...
11. I online-schooled my girls in January and February, and unfortunately (or fortunately - only the future will tell) our older daughter liked it a little too much. Having to wear a mask when back at school in March/April was the straw that broke the camel's back. We researched other options and are very grateful that actual online schools exist. 'My Online Schooling' is the one we chose and it has been our saviour since May. This is probably it for our older daughter now - no going back to brick-and-mortar school, for better or for worse. Of course, I choose to believe that for her, in her case, it is 'for better' 🙂
12. I wrote nearly every day about how I 'lived' my menstrual cycle for around 3 months. I want to publish the resulting book asap. We get told 'do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that, follow your cycle' – but how do you actually live authentically throughout your cycle? How do you actually apply these principles? I did my best and wrote about it. I called it my Cycle Experiment book. 
13. I also started writing a novel called The Silent Café. I discovered how much silence I needed throughout 2021, and more and more so as the year went on. I have become obsessed with silence and it is one of my guiding lights - if I haven't had silence in my day, I make sure I do last thing I night, during or (preferably) after my meditation. It is what keeps me sane and resets my mind, soul and energetic body.
14. In terms of Sacred Money Archetypes, I am Accumulator, Alchemist and Ruler, and while normally my Accumulator and Ruler rule the nest, this year my Alchemist took over. My Accumulator and Ruler are SO not happy, and neither is my bank account. I loved all the blind trust and optimism and the thousand ideas an hour every day, but by the end of the year, I understood that it really is better if my Alchemist is kept in check and doesn't have free rein, especially in my business, as she tends to wreck things, being in her unhealthy expression too often. (Don't know what your archetypes are? Take the quiz here.)
15. I found out a whole lot more about Human Design and I am now hooked! I am a pure Generator, and I may well train in it in a few months' time... Together with SMA and Branding with Archetypes, I feel I will have the best superpowers to help you in your life and business. I am so excited, for me and for you!
16. I discovered that I can trust my intuition more and more and that what I thought were just thoughts, ideas and 'imaginings' were actually accurate intuitive predictions. I am still floored by that and by what turned out to be true/a reality (for many other people, some I actually barely know). When I did a Cosmic Cross reading for myself for the year ahead, I realised I was finally ready to do oracle card readings for others. I have been waiting for this moment for at least 3 years!
17. I didn't burn out in the autumn!!!! That was truly my biggest fear from around June. I was super vigilant, I prepared for the autumn even before summer started, and didn't let my Alchemist take over this time, with an idea that just HAD to be born there and then and a million things had to be done for it to happen (which is what sent me to burnout 3 years running until the end of 2020). No. I sat tight, I rested, I made sure to go outside as soon as the sun was out (it helped that we had a beautiful September and that I had rested and enjoyed myself as well as had experienced peace and quiet in France), I forced myself not to think too much, I forced my Ruler not to do too much and my Accumulator not to be too perfectionistic. It worked!
18. I met the most amazing women at the 4-day retreat organised by Rebecca Campbell in Glastonbury in July, and I had a couple of profound realisations. I also 'baptised myself' with the healing waters of the springs there, and in the lake of the property where we were staying, witnessed by said women.
19. I finally went to Glastonbury (and bought a few crystals)!!!
20. After losing my freedom completely when our older daughter started online schooling (I have not had the house to myself since), I enjoyed my daughter's and husband's presence more and more as the year went on, even if it was really hard to reorganise my schedule so many times due to the big changes that happened as our older daughter went to school part time and then left altogether and then joined MOS. I don't do well with changes (unless they're massive changes decided by me!), so this was a very challenging test of my patience and losing my freedom. I did gain more quality time with her, I am grateful every day that I can provide her with a whole 1-hour break for lunch, which is leisurely and a time for connection. Something she didn't have at school. I am also really glad we could provide continuity for her as she didn't have to isolate at any point, and even if she did, her education wouldn't have suffered, being already online schooled. Doing my best to find all the silver linings!
21. I read many life-changing books, including How to Break up with Your Phone by Catherine Price (I feel I truly have broken up with it now!), Deep Work by Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism by Call Newport, Highly Intuitive People by Heidi Sawyer, Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell, as well as books written by some of my clients, namely Awaken to a New World by Helen Fisher, Hammer, Sickle and Broom by Gulara Vincent, and A Missing Mother by Joy Coutts.
Yes, 2021 was a deep year, and there are many more things I could write about. I look forward to writing out my list of 22 in January 2023!

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