A Red Tent in Every School (ARTIES)

a red tent in every school alchemist girls idealist menstrual cycle red tent sacred money archetypes visionary Mar 31, 2021

'You're a visionary, right?' she said.

I didn't know what she meant.

This was May 2020.

Full lockdown.

The only vision I had had was the end of aviation as we know it. When I saw an aeroplane early April, high in the sky, I thought, 'What if this is the last one that will ever fly?'

I felt that worldwide lockdown was THE opportunity for us all as the community of this planet to stop the madness and stop flying, apart from, say, one airport and maybe 10 planes in each country, for emergency supplies only (and one or two for the military, though in an ideal world none at all as I want peace on earth for every single nation).

From there, I 'saw' that within 10 years, most airports would be closed and destroyed, and most planes would be broken down and recycled, for the benefit of human beings and nature as a whole.

My 'Alchemist' had suddenly woken up. (To find out what your Sacred Money Archetypes® are, take my quiz here).

The Alchemist is a visionary. An idealist too.

I had never thought of myself as either.

I didn't feel like a visionary. I had had visions for myself, but not for other people or for the world.

Apart from the plane thing.

And 'the plane thing' is exactly what she meant.

Yes, I WAS a visionary.

Yes, I AM a visionary.

Since then, I have stepped into my Alchemist fully and have had many visions, for myself, my clients and the world. And the more I embody the Alchemist, the more ideas and intuitions I have.

For one of my clients recently, I saw that they will soon host silent retreats in their converted barn on their own land. They confirmed they had the same vision. 

For the girls of the world – at least in the UK to start with – a couple of months ago, I saw a red tent in every school and instantly knew I would call my charity/foundation exactly that: A Red Tent in Every School.

And on Monday in my session with my spiritual teacher Helen Fisher, all came together as a definite vision that will come to fruition even sooner than anticipated. I had said 'soon' 2 months ago, and that is how soon – it's happening NOW! (Though I have no idea HOW!)

Today, I have discovered that perhaps the best model for it is a Community Interest Company.

If you are knowledgeable about this model, I would be very interested in talking to you or to whoever you can send me to. Feel free to email me here.

Are YOU a visionary?

Would you like to write a book about your vision(s) or/and create a business around it/them? If so and if you need long-term 1:1 support, do get in touch here or simply book your Discovery Call here.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash