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money sacred money archetypes Apr 04, 2021

I know you’ve been looking at other people’s business launches (such as for a course, a programme, a membership or an event) and wondered how they’ve done it because you certainly can’t even do a fraction of what they’re doing. 

I’ll tell you a biiiig secret. 

It's not your fault that you can't pull off £/$100,000 launches or million-pound/dollar years. 

It's not your fault that you have tried all the tactics and they don’t work for you

It's because you don't have the same money archetypes and generally the same genetic, energetic, mental and emotional make-up as the people who do this kind of business launches.

In terms of Sacred Money Archetypes, these amazing people tend to be Rulers and Celebrities (I'm not saying they all are, but most are, and I can tell, even without their SMA scores in my inbox!).

They love the attention, they love bringing people together (especially if they're Connectors as well), they love being leaders, they love being BRILLIANT, leading communities and being role models. And that’s AMAZING! 

If that is you, I am in AWE of you and LOVE what you do and how you do it!

But if you are reading my blog or my newsletters regularly, you are likely NOT a Celebrity and maybe not even much of a Ruler (it could still be in your top 3 archetypes, as it is for me, but it’s not your dominant archetype). 

So the reason why you can't organise, let alone carry out, this kind of launches is because you're not either a Ruler or a Celebrity, and maybe not even a Connector (though most people who follow my work have Connector in their top 3).

So don't feel bad. 

Don't feel bad, don't feel stupid or useless or that there's something wrong with you.

You're more likely, if you're still reading this, an AlchemistConnector and Nurturer (in no particular order in your top 3).

And what you need to know is that Alchemists, Connectors and Nurturers are not necessarily inclined to earn lots of money anyway, so money in itself is not enough of a motivator for them to do their business in this way and to show up every day on social media, do big courses that attract lots of people and put on large events that attract even more people (whether online or offline). 

What they (you!) love is connection, deep connection.

Most of the time, what they love is to manifest money in wonderful and unconventional ways.

What they love is to create money out of thin air

And they do. 

The only issue is that (and if you are an Alchemist, you know that, right?!), they have just enough from month to month for their expenses (whether personal or business). They have just enough, or sometimes not even quite enough. 

Also, if you are an Alchemist, you have this love/hate relationship with money, and so you try to barter more than give money to receive a service, and receive money for giving a service. Bartering is much more attractive; you wish that money just didn't exist. And yet it does. 

You're also more concerned about creating a social movement, you're more concerned about social justice, you're more concerned about the imbalanced distribution of wealth and health in the world. 

But guess what? The more money you make, i.e. the better you do in your business, the more good you can do in the world and the more you can help others do good too. 


My deepest passion right now, after everything that's gone on in 2020 and the Covid pandemic, is to help redistribute wealth and health across the world, and I KNOW that if you get over your money blocks, if you can release the ickiness you feel about money, if you can feel good about thinking about, talking about and receiving money, the world WILL be a better place, because you WILL help heal it in only the way YOU can do it, and the planet will start breathing and thriving again, thanks to all of us, in particular if you are a birth worker (including a hypnobirthing teacher), a healer, a therapist or a coach (or all of the above, as I am, in my core!). 

So you are needed, just as you are, and you don't have to make millions of pounds, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds every year (let alone every month!) in order to do that. 

All you need to do is be yourself, accept that this is your money blueprint, this is how you do things, AND that you do them very well if only you allow yourself to receive, and are open to receiving, money for it

Most importantly, remember that even if you don't make millions every year, you can still make a profound difference in the world

This is what I am here to help you with.

As an Alchemist myself (I'm also an Accumulator and a Ruler) (yes, there is a bit of Ruler in me, but it's a gentle Ruler, it's a 'get things done when you're ready' Ruler – not a 'get everything done now or else you'll die' Ruler!), I know exactly how you feel about money. My only saviour for me is the Accumulator (my top archetype, at 37!), who absolutely loves money and loves savings. But it is also my ‘enemy’, because she doesn't like spending. And my ‘money contract’ (each archetype has one) is to invest (i.e. spend money) so that I can achieve the freedom that I crave, which is also what my Ruler desperately wants. 

So we all have different money blueprints, and that's okay. The quicker we are to accept them, the easier our lives will be, and the easier it will be to conduct our businesses because we will make decisions from the perspective of our very unique strengths

So are you dying to find out what your top 3 archetypes are and what they mean for you? 


Take my Sacred Money Archetypes quiz here.


If you have had sessions with me, maybe about SMA, money in general, business or EFT/tapping for emotional issues (and even if you have not – perhaps I have been in your inbox for years but we have never talked to each other!), you are perhaps ready for my Birth Your New Money Story programme. Click here for more information. If there is anything you would like to ask me or discuss with me, do book your Connection Call here – I would love to talk to you. 

EDIT ON 1st March 2022: this programme is now over 6 months and called 'Rewrite Your Money Story'.

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