New Moon in Libra – balancing light and darkness

balance libra light and darkness new moon Oct 16, 2020
The Moon and Venus

This month is my birthday month. I’m a Libra and today the New Moon is in Libra.

In 4 days’ time, I will be 44.

I have just looked up the meaning of the angel number 44 and I am blown away by its message and its accuracy, as today during the long journaling session I did after my New Moon meditation, this number came up clearly.

As I write this in sync with my cycle and the cycle of the moon, as we approach the darkness of the sky as the moon disappears for a day or so, you are asked to go deep into yourself and search for Truth and for your own truth.

You are not used to being in the darkness. You always seek the light and find it in the most unlikely places, just because you cannot bear the darkness.

Today, you are called to be at one with the darkness and yourself, in order to find your truth and welcome it with open arms and a smile.

Be silent

Be still

Be whole with the dark

Commune with your heart

With your higher self and Energy

or Spirit or Goddess or the Universe

Be patient

Wait for the call from within your heart or spirit

It will come

Stay away from modern technology

Go to the woods, the forest, the lake, the mountains or the sea

And be ready to receive

Be unencumbered

Be empty

Be clear

Be pure

Breathe in

purity and clarity

Breathe out

old impurities

old thoughts

old behaviours

anything that doesn’t serve you any more

Reach the Truth

Embrace your truth

Feel with all your being

Just be

Picture taken yesterday. The moon was just a tiny sliver and Venus was shining brightly next to her.