My 9-month Birth Your Book programme

birth your book deep work Apr 18, 2021

What is the Birth Your Book programme?

  • my eyes on you
  • my eyes on your book
  • my eyes on your business to see how your book fits into your business
  • me in your pocket 4 days a week (quick questions by email)
  • one-hour session every fortnight
  • 20 sessions over 9 months

A 3-part journey, where:
1) you birth your writer within and get organised like a true writer, tracking your cycle and your creativity along the way, learning my tools of choice to keep writer’s block (including procrastination, overwhelm, fears, anxiety, stress, etc.) at bay
2) you birth your first draft, with my guidance and emotional and editorial support
3) you birth the final version of your book (with the help of an editor, a proofreader, a formatter and a book cover designer – I can help you find them [not included in my programme]), gather together your 'book birthing team' (I give you ideas around how to do that) and release your book into the world

On this journey, I:

  • help you let go of the conscious and unconscious blocks and fears you have around birthing your book
  • support you so that you don't procrastinate, worry, get overwhelmed and stop writing altogether
  • create the space for you to bloom as you write, discover your writer self, use your voice and become more visible as a writer and as the movement leader that you are

Why me?

* I have been:

  • an editor and proofreader since 2000
  • a hypnotherapist and NLP, EFT and IEMT practitioner since 2014 (click here to find out more about these techniques)
  • a Reiki practitioner since 2017
  • a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach since 2019
  • a Money Breakthrough Business Coach since 2020

* I have helped many people with their life, writing and business blocks and emotional issues, and many authors with their books and similar issues (see my portfolio page, and many more are publishing their books over the next few weeks so will be added to that page very soon!).

* I have self-published my own book of poems, Hidden Hints and am in the process of writing at least two more. 

One spot available in April to start writing your book!

If you are ready to birth your book, reserve your spot for a free Discovery Call with me here. I only have one spot available in April and it may well have your name on it :-) 

Book your call so we can establish whether we are a good fit for long-term deep work together, on your book and most probably on your business, your organisational skills, your money mindset, your cycle and your blocks.

I know that right now it probably all feels irrelevant to your writing and publishing your book, but this is what ends up being worked on too before my clients' books see the light of day.

Click here for more details about my Birth Your Book programme.