Does your book fit into your business?

birth your book book doula self-publishing writing Aug 15, 2020

Your book has to fit into your business. So inevitably, in my sessions, we talk about how you organise your life and your business.

Helping my clients organise themselves and their businesses is one of my favourite things.

In a session recently, I supported a client who wanted to organise herself, her life and her business. I guided her as she explored ways to set up her calendar in a way that would suit her lifestyle, to sort out her ideas for her sessions and her book, to time her business tasks and life to-dos with Toggl, and to put together her offers, along with pricing them. 

By the end of the session, my client was over the moon and so happy to have a plan that was clear, concrete and easy to follow. And very importantly, she now knew she would have the time to write her book, while working less and still earning the same amount of money (or even a little bit more!).

I am so excited for her!

Is organising yourself, your business, your tasks and your chores a bit of a nightmare? Do you find it difficult to prioritise your writing among all of this, and even more so to organise your chapters?

If so and if you would like some help, I have ONE 1:1 space on my Birth Your Book programme available from early September. Has it got your name on it? Book your Discovery Call to find out more.