Day 19/20/21 in your cycle: TRUTH or FEAR? 

cycles organisation sacred money archetypes Nov 15, 2021

If you track your cycle, what do you think Day 19/20/21 is about? TRUTH or FEAR?

That was my question this morning, as I felt down, empty, tired and tearful. I felt I couldn't go on any more. I wanted a job and never to have to open Facebook or Instagram any more and never to have to think about my business again.

But I reminded myself that it was just my cycle talking and it would pass. Tomorrow I would be better and I would get back to my business with renewed passion and enthusiasm (though it seemed nearly impossible!).

I knew, because every so often, at the end of my cycle, I have these thoughts. When I'm really tired. When I haven't slept (well) enough, when I have done a lot during the last few days and when I haven't rested to compensate. Somehow, I would be strong again.

I took a bit of time out before starting my day properly. I just checked all the windows open in my phone, closed some, kept some open, opened a few more as some of them had very interesting links, read a few interesting articles then closed the windows, and just THAT gave me a bit of energy again. Instead of 40-odd windows, I now had just 14, which felt amazing, lighter, better.

Of particular interest were blog posts about Dubsado, the CRM (Client Relationship Management) software I have been looking into recently. I really, really want to set up and use Dubsado! I want the ease it will bring (eventually!) and the peace of mind and the organisation (I'm SO organised, I LOVE being organised!)

Then I took my 13yo to be vaccinated and that took my mind off things and emotions and the future. I focused on HER. Then we had lunch and had a great chat. I talked to her about Profit First and how I would soon set her up with her own account and how we would implement PF as soon as her account was set up (i.e. as soon as my business account is set up in Starling!) and I felt so proud of her and of myself for being such a great mama!

I suddenly realised that if nothing else (as I had once before, a few months ago, when I learned, implemented and taught 'Branding with Archetypes', from my business coaching course), allllll the trainings and coaching I took and received over the past few years will be for HER to establish her own successful business. And it pleased me no end. We will soon set up her website too. I'm so excited about her future!

Then it was time to go back to my studio and get back to work. I had energy again and I started editing my latest podcast episode.

At 3.30pm I had a call with a Profit First accountant and then I felt this IMMENSE RELIEF.

I had the realisation that I am TIRED. I have been doing EVERYTHING myself for YEARS, decades even! Website, sales pages, FB events, FB groups, 1:1 coaching, group classes (hypnobirthing)/sessions (coaching), all the admin, all the emails, and in particular all MY accounts, my BIZ accounts, our JOINT accounts and more recently (3 years I think) also my HUSBAND'S accounts. I am SO tired and I absolutely can't wait to be SUPPORTED by a professional whom I can trust because they know what I know (Profit First, which I have been implementing for 18 months). OMG it's going to be amazing!

So here is the answer to my question: Day 19/20/21 is TRUTH. I WAS tired. I WAS down. I COULDN'T carry on as I was doing. I am signing up with this accountant. I trust (as an Accumulator and Ruler who LOVES looking after her money and her spreadsheets, it's going to be very hard to let go of that control!). I have to trust, because I will have SO much more time and energy for the things I need to do to be of service, fully, with no worries about accounts and admin (thanks to my VAs and thanks to Dubsado). I will be truly supported, in all the ways.

If you've read this far, thank you. It means so much to me. I wish you relief, peace and TRUTH, from your cycle or otherwise.

If you are not familiar with your cycle, if you have never tracked it, if you have no idea what the Profit First method is, if you would love to find out about your Sacred Money Archetypes, do book your Connection Call here. We can have a chat about any of these things, they're my absolute PASSIONS, along with books and helping people.

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