EFT for Writers mini-course

eft emotional freedom techniques mini-course writers writing Sep 09, 2020
EFT for Writers

Yesterday, I finished creating my EFT for Writers mini-course!!!

It only took me a month to create it (and just over an hour to actually film the videos!) but it has been on my to-do list and in my heart to create for about 18 months!

Some projects take a long time to be birthed.

If that is how you feel about your book, if you have been wanting to birth a book for EVER, if you were writing freely and joyfully when you were little but lately you have been blocked around so many things and still haven’t birthed your book, this mini-course is for you.

Overwhelm is the main reason writers don’t make progress on their book, despite their best intentions. (Along with time, space and lack of self-belief…)

If you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about, for example, where to start with your book, or about the amount of work you have to do to carry on or finish your book, procrastinating endlessly, this 3-part video series is for you. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), aka ‘tapping’ or ‘energy tapping’ is my go-to for all sorts of blocks, feelings and emotions, and I definitely use it when I feel blocked around my writing and my book(s) (yes, I write books in the same way I read them – several at a time!).

If you are not quite ready to commit to my 9-month Birth Your Book programme or my Wise Women Writing Womb membership (currently closed to the public as it is by invitation or referral only), why not invest in my EFT for Writers mini-course? It’s a fabulous introduction to my work.

AND I have a special offer on to celebrate its launch!
Get 33% off by entering the coupon code EFTWRITERSOFFER to get it for just £22 🙂
It is only valid until 11.59pm on Sunday, though! After that, it will revert back to its normal price of £33.

What you get

  • Video 1: Learn the basics of EFT/tapping – what it is, how it works and how you can use it for yourself for any kind of emotion or block when it comes to writing your book.
  • Video 2: Your full tapping session, all about my 3-stage process to release the overwhelm you may be feeling when you are about to start a writing or editing session (but you can use it for ANY emotion and around ANY subject – just change my words as you go along).
  • handout detailing the whole sequence so you can use EFT wherever you are without having to watch the video if you don’t want to or can’t.
  • Video 3: This video is all about how to use EFT when you are experiencing more deeply seated emotions or remembering upsetting memories. 
  • Access to the FREE Kajabi app if you want, so that you can watch the videos and tap anywhere, any time.
Click on the button below and remember to use the coupon code EFTWRITERSOFFER.