Goal Workbook planning and money mindset

birth your book goal money mindset planning writing Dec 03, 2020
Grey cat on my goal planning workbook


Another successful planning session, this time with my 'Shining Biz Workbook' by Leonie Dawson (and my cat - cos the cushion in the background just wasn't comfy enough, whereas a workbook is!).

2020 is the first year I have religiously filled in my goals every single month (and the rest of the book in December last year) and I can honestly say it has DEFINITELY made a massive difference, ALONG with a change of mindset around money (I was already pretty good with money, why did I need to earn more or want more? What right did I have? What was the benefit? These were all the questions, and many more, in November/December last year), AND actually practising this mindset pretty much every day, repeating affirmations, dedicating a mini-jar to my 'clients' (represented by bees - if you missed that post a year ago, I will post about it again soon), giving a 'home' to my extra money (charity, local shops, local people, holidays (which ended up not happening of course - but there's always next year...), a long weekend away in July so I could write my second book and re-publish my first one, meals out with my family, extra special things (mostly art materials and books!) for my girls, etc., and of course taxes and extra savings for rainy days, cos, you know, Covid...).

2020 was my best year in business ever and I fully intend for 2021 to be even better.

My 'Money Mindset for Writers and Healers' Deep-dive Day is coming. Book your free Discovery Call here if you would like 2021 to be the year you get your money mindset sorted so that you: 

1) earn AND keep more money

2) charge more for your services so you don't burn out and feel good about serving your clients

3) have more time for your writing (since you will have fewer clients for more money)

4) stop thinking there's no money in writing

5) finally achieve your dream of writing, finishing AND self-publishing your book, directly linked to your business

6) get even more high-quality clients because you will have a book out that they have read and loved