Happy Imbolc!

depth inner seasons newsletters writing retreat Jan 31, 2021

How was this week for you?

Completely cray-cray for me.

The Full Moon was beyond words, way before and way after the actual Full Moon (Thursday in the UK). I had 3 days of headaches, my period arrived on Friday (bang on the Full Moon), and yesterday, Saturday, I hosted my second online writing retreat.

I didn’t feel tooooo bad thankfully. I was even energised by it.

I LOVED it, even though it was far more intimate than the one I held in November.

I LOVED going DEEP with the ladies who attended it.

It felt transformational.

A line was drawn in the sand, I think. ‘Enough is enough’ was what one of them said.


Enough hiding.

Enough holding ourselves back.

Enough ‘NOT writing’.

Maybe you will be there next time (on Saturday 27th March).

Maybe you will want to SHOW UP too (the card I drew for our retreat yesterday), for yourself and for your writing.

Picture of the card I drew from Lisa Lister’s Sassy She Oracle Deck

Happy Imbolc!

Imbolc is not something I have ever paid attention to, let alone celebrated, but a few weeks ago, I realised that my inner seasons didn’t match the 'official' seasons of the Gregorian calendar. In fact, I realised this about a year ago, maybe more, I can't remember, but I never looked more deeply into it. It was just something I noted, and instead of researching why the seasons were what they were and what else they could be, I just kept wondering.

I now finally understand why I burnt out in October-December (again): my inner seasons actually probably match the Celtic calendar much more closely, and by not honouring those (i.e. myself, really!), I carried on as dictated by the Gregorian seasons and by 'going back to school in September', 'Christmas' and 'New Year'. 

These are all arbitrary dates and they just don't match my yearly cycle. 

What I also noted a few weeks ago was that my inner autumn is very short and my winter arrives way way sooner than the 'official' winter, even a bit sooner than the Celtic winter.

In an ideal world, I don't work from around mid-October.

In an ideal world, I slow right down just before my birthday. 

And so this is what I intend to do this year, 2021. I so want to avoid another burnout, I will do whatever it takes. 

And maybe I'll still fall ill like I did the past three or four autumns, but at least I will know it's not because I pushed myself so hard. 

I will let you know how it goes at the end of this new-to-me calendar year.

In fact, I will probably let you know much sooner, as I am tracking my cycle every day and monitoring my moods and my energy levels very closely and writing about it in a book whose working title is My Cycle Experiment. It's a one-year experiment and I will probably share some of my experiences as I go along, in blog posts and in my newsletter. 

I did a fair amount of spring-cleaning over the past few days, and now I know why (though it was also linked to my cycle!). It is spring, in the Celtic calendar! So, so far, it does feel like I'm more in sync with that calendar. In a nutshell, I spruced my beautiful studio:

  • I got rid of my ‘bookcase’ wall hanging as I couldn’t stand it or its colours any more – it didn't fit well in my screen for my Zoom calls and it was just too brown, not on brand (I love my burgundies, dark pinks and purples, and there were none of those on there).
  • Instead, I hung my mandala tapestry, which has ‘my’ colours.
  • I swapped my sofa and chest of drawers around.

These changes have brightened up my studio and I am LOVING the new energy.

But here’s the ULTIMATE SPRING-CLEANING, which has been a loooooong time coming (2 years?!).

While I am going to keep my Facebook account because there are three groups I want to carry on being part of and two groups I am leading and want to carry on leading, I am going to unfriend and unfollow everyone (so please don't be offended if/when you realise this – nothing personal at all! We can stay friends offline when/if we see each other and by email if you fancy that).

While I have enjoyed going back onto Instagram over the past week or so, I am going to delete my account by 28th February.

While I may not have a massive mailing list (around 510 of you – thank you so so much for sticking around over the past 5 years, whether you read all my newsletters or not, whether you dip in and out of my world or whether you follow everything I do and have done, from hypnobirthing to birth doulaing to Freedom from Food for Mums to book doulaing to business doulaing!), I am going to be in your inbox and posting on this blog a little bit more regularly

Commitment to this kind of thing hasn’t been my forte and I don’t intend to FORCE myself to do it, for my sake and also for your sake. If I have something useful to say, I will. If not, I won’t.

do want to give you a few tips every time, though. Things that I find useful. Or that my clients love.

I will write to you about:

  • writing (in whatever way this comes to you, not just books)
  • money (from all angles, personal and business)
  • business (including branding, niching, prices & programmes)
  • motherhood & daughterhood
  • EFT/tapping and other modalities
  • books I am reading
  • other blog posts I have written
  • and a few more things I am interested in and so you might be too

I only subscribe to a handful of newsletters and I always love reading what the authors are up to. This is what I aspire to do for you, too: inspire you, give you a tip or two that you may not have considered before, maybe make you laugh, hopefully help you reflect on something. 

If you’ve never been inspired or you’ve never liked what I’ve written or talked about, please unsubscribe from my newsletter now. This way, I won’t clog up your inbox. Your mental wellness is my absolute priority. This world will not heal if we don’t look after it and after each other in this way. I would rather you had less on your plate and were just with you and your thoughts. Go on, be ruthless. Unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t care about. If that includes mine, that’s fine. I won’t be offended.