Hidden Hints published!

covert narcissism gaslighting hidden hints kdp poems self-publishing writing Dec 26, 2019

Yesterday, I hit 'Publish' on Amazon KDP for my book of poems, Hidden Hints!

If you are the daughter of a covert narcissist – meaning someone who has put you down, criticised you, gaslighted you AND NO ONE saw it, heard it or understood it – this book of poems is for you.

I am not a born poet but these poems had to come out of me and had to be published, as the first step towards a life of full-time writing and publishing and towards helping as many women as possible.

The kindle version is out today, on 26th December, on the anniversary of the death of my father. (Amazon was actually in a hurry and published it yesterday, within just 3 hours of me hitting ‘Publish’ in KDP! That was surprisingly and shockingly fast!)

Believe me when I say his death didn't solve anything – it only created more pain, but also an opportunity to heal fully. It took 5 years, but I got there in the end, partly thanks to these poems.

From January, I will be working on my second book – the full story, the memoir, which will be published towards the end of the year.

If you want to know more about my experiences as the daughter of a narcissistic father, you can purchase Hidden Hints on Amazon here (Kindle only for now).

If you do and then read it, I would love it if you left a review on that page.

But most importantly, let me know if you recognise yourself in at least some of my poems by emailing me here. I would LOVE to hear from you.

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