Identity awakening (part 1)

identity spirituality Apr 09, 2021

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

'Choose your name for your website', they said, 'that way, even if you change direction, at least you won't have to change your url/domain name.' 


Following a massive rebirthing process over the last 3 months, unfortunately, it turns out that I shouldn't have listened to this (widespread) piece of advice. 

Now what?! 

I have several options and I have always been VERY bad at the decision-making process!

My Alchemist (to take the Sacred Money Archetypes quiz, click here) is having a field day – well, many field days! So many ideas! So many angles and routes to take!

I'm in my premenstrual phase, so I will wait for my period and 'bleed on it', as the authors of Wild Power say. 

Please please, blood, bring me the wisdom I need at this time and lead me to the wise choice (for this current iteration of myself, my life and my business). 

I know I will still be doing the exact same things as I am doing now, and also add a couple of new offers, but I need a change of name.

My first name was never my own. I never owned it. In 2016, I changed it to ‘Sam’, as you may remember. A year later, I changed it back to ‘Saveria’ because it had never 'stuck', especially with the people who had known me for a long time. In 2018, was born.

Now, through the awakening process I experienced with the help of spiritual teacher Helen Fisher, I know that this name is NOT me and after a few weeks of deep introspection and waiting and 'bleeding on it', I have chosen my name. So my website has to go.

But to be replaced by what?

I will let you know in the next couple of weeks :-) 



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