Identity awakening (part 2)

business identity spirituality writing May 19, 2021

I stripped everything between January and April. 

I unfollowed and unliked nearly everyone.

I stopped using Facebook (except for groups).

I stopped posting (especially stories) on Instagram and then even deactivated my account (for 5 weeks in the end – I thought it would be permanent).

I woke up one night hearing 'Reclaim your name!

I thought it was about my last name, but during a session with spiritual teacher Helen Fisher, it became clear it was about my first name. 

I said out loud all the hate I had for that name, then realised it was about something even deeper: it was about all the feelings, sensations, criticisms and stories attached to the name

Over the next few weeks after that session, I felt stripped bare of even my first name. I was like just an entity, with no name. An essence perhaps. I chose another name but it wasn't quite right. I chose another and I waited patiently. 

And then on Saturday 8th May, just a few days before the most powerful New Moon in a looong time, I claimed my name. I rejected and vomited the name that was given to me at birth, I vomited all the pain and anger attached to it, and then the potential name that I had first selected came back to me, pure and for ME to do and be what I wished with it. 

The next day, during a Quantum Flow session, I heard ‘Isabelle has been ignited!’

Yes she has. 

I am now Isabelle.

Next to tackle: my business name, and that had also been selected a few weeks before, and it came back to me: Joyous Journeys

I am now at peace – with my name, with my business name, with my role here on earth, and with my bigger, longer-term mission (A Red Tent in Every School, somehow, some day) (I still have NO idea how to go about this, but it’s coming!). 

So if you still see my old name (I can't even bring myself to spell it out!) here and there in my social media posts and blog posts and randomly on the web, that is why. If you didn’t know me ‘then’, that is why you will occasionally see another name crop up. You might think it is lovely and original and magical and whatever else I have heard over the years, but it has been such a burden for me since my childhood, that it just can’t be my name any more. 

Early May, I reached a tipping point, the kind where you realise that you have to live with something for another 40–50 years and you just can’t envisage it, let alone let it happen – as if powerless. It is absolutely and evidently impossible. 

And I had the power to change it, so I did.

Therefore, here we are: Joyous Journeys with Isabelle, and still all about writing, money and business :-)

Find me on Instagram here and on Facebook here (for what it's worth, as I'm not posting anything on Facebook any more/at the moment) (always open to change!)

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