Idea Ignition Day

business idea ignition day money mindset May 18, 2021

Let me tell you a little bit about my new offer, the Idea Ignition Day.

  • Do you ever wish you could pick someone's brain for a whole day?
  • Are you quite self-sufficient and self-reliant, but sometimes you just want to spend a day asking someone who knows their stuff lots of questions and getting ideas from them?

Well, it is now possible with me, and I call this my Idea Ignition Day!

You get access to me via Telegram (an app like WhatsApp that I dedicate solely to my clients) between 9.30am and 5.30pm UK time, and you can ask me anything about anything when it comes to business, money and writingLife is also an option if you feel stuck in a particular area of your life. I don't give advice but I can ask you questions that will help you come up with your own solutions and of course I can offer suggestions.

Here are some areas we can cover during an Idea Ignition Day.



  • general mindset (what is the real problem underneath the fears and resistance, what is holding you back, what is preventing you from moving forward, etc.)
  • branding (I use a specific assessment to help you with your branding – not your logo and your colours, but who you are as a person and as a business owner and who you want to serve through your business, so that you feel totally aligned with who you are and who they are)
  • money mindset (I can give you an exercise or two to do on your own, then I review your answers and give you action steps)
  • website structure
  • programme structure
  • pricing
  • organising yourself in your business (calendar, spreadsheets)
  • marketing ideas
  • social media content ideas
  • setting up spreadsheets (I give you my template(s) and support you as you set it/them up for your personal life or/and for your business (sole traders only) – I don't review them but you can ask me anything as you set them up)



  • general mindset
  • web page structure
  • copy review of a web page, your About me page, your story page (3 pages of a Word document maximum)
  • book title ideas
  • mindmapping
  • structure ideas
  • topic ideas (your 4 or 5 pillars of content for your blog and social media posts)
  • blurb (summary at the back of a book) + copy review/editing
  • author biography (for Amazon, for the back cover of your book, for your website + copy review/editing)
  • book marketing strategies

The idea with this is that we don't spend all day on a call, or even all day texting or/and voice-messaging back and forth. Rather, it is a day where you work on something specific (probably up to three different things if they are small projects/areas) and you ask me specific questions about it. I reply within 30 minutes (maximum an hour) and you can implement my suggestions, work on my corrections, do the exercise(s) I suggest, etc.

It is a gentle approach (as with every­thing I do – I am an Expansion Coach and Moola Doula, not a boxing trainer!) and you can consider it a mini-retreat for you and your business, where all your attention (and mine!) is dedicated to both of you.

You will end the day on a high, feeling like and knowing that you have leapt forward in your business, made massive improvements in your money mindset/book/life and brought yourself back into energetic alignment.

I love variety, this is why this new offer is quite general in kind, but on the day we can (and must!) make it as specific to your needs as we can.

I have trialled this offer with several existing clients with great success. I am now offering it to you at a special introductory investment

Its £250 for this 8-hour day in my virtual company, which is a steal considering the results you will get if you make the most of these hours and access to me in your back pocket!

On 1st June, it will go up to £350, so book your Idea Ignition Day now 😊


Here is what Helen, Quantum HeartMath Coach, had to say about her day:

I did the Idea Ignition Day because I wanted to upgrade my money beliefs. I have been able to see a repeated pattern of sabotage around earning and have now reframed what it means to have wealth and how I can use it in alignment with my higher-calling beliefs. I feel a lot more positive. 

My biggest aha on the day was being shown that I am energetically already part of an elitist group, in a very positive, more conscious way.

What worked really well was talking things through, especially as realisations happen as we talk.

Here is how Keri, creator of KeriKit, described her experience:

I did the Idea Ignition Day because I needed to get my story right so that I could implement it through social media and send it out to people. With Isabelle’s support, I was able to create a really powerful and emotive story that I hope will engage my audience, affiliates, press and bloggers to take notice of me and my brand. 

My biggest aha was the importance of a clear story so that people understand our messaging and it is then translated everywhere with consistency.

From our time together, I've got a really good story to send to people for interviews, articles and podcast interviews, and now I just need to start emailing it to people, reaching out to them in different ways. 

My Idea Ignition Day came kind of at the best time and at the worst time. It was really good to have Isabelle there to support me, because that morning I was really really struggling and the last thing I wanted was to work on my story!


I am only offering this day once a week or so, so grab your spot here if you love the sound of this new way of working with me. 

So clear your calendar for the day that suits you best (school runs, loo breaks, lunch and a phone call to book a dentist appointment are deviously fine – you don't have to stop living for the whole day, I won't either!) and book your Idea Ignition Day with me here.

If you have any questions (for example, about different time zones), just contact me here, I will gladly answer them 😊

There is also more information here