Leonie Dawson's e-course about e-course creation

e-courses leonie dawson Aug 31, 2021
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Leonie Dawson's LIVE ROUND of her '40 Days to Create and Sell Your E-course' online course starts in less than 24 hours!

You have just 24 hours to book Leonie Dawson’s course and benefit from a LIVE version of the course, with all the updates and recent developments in terms of e-course creation and marketing. I highly highly recommend this course and can't wait to receive more wisdom and golden nuggets from Leonie, who has made literally millions from creating and selling her own e-courses. 

If you sign up after 1st September 2021, this link will still allow you to buy the course, for $199, however it will not be a live round  it will be recordings. Still absolutely worth it! 

This course includes:

  • ALL the technical how-tos you could dream of
  • step-by-step guidance to getting your course finished and making you £££/$$$
  • tried and true marketing tips that'll get your course selling like hot cakes
  • an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of Leonie's million-dollar e-course business
  • the chance to brainstorm all your brilliant e-course ideas
  • e-course secrets from the Queen of e-courses
  • exactly how you can be a stronger and more effective teacher
  • plus SO. MUCH. MORE!

If you book onto this course, as a thank-you, I will add you to my Geneva group, where we can talk everything course creation, business, marketing and writing, for further support in everything you do that is linked to Leonie's courses. This group will be up and running shortly, until at least 16th December. Email here when you have purchased the course.

Book your place on the E-course Creation course here.

Please note that the link above is an affiliate link. I will earn a commission if you buy Leonie's course using this link. Many thanks.