Money Breakthrough Business Coach

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Money Breakthrough Certificated Business Coach

Birth workers, healers, therapists and coaches, we are going to be needed more than ever this year and beyond. Is your book written? Is your money mindset in the right place? Is your business ready?

A few days before Christmas, I received my Money Breakthrough Business Coach certificate, so I can help you even more deeply (along with my Sacred Money Archetypes certificate) in your book writing.

What's the link, might you ask? 

Well, 'the way we do money is the way we do everything', as Kendall SummerHawk, creator of both programmes, says, so once I know your SMA archetypes, I can support you in a much more meaningful way than if I didn't. These, in turn, help you understand the way you do business and the way you organise your life, your business and... your writing.

That's the link. 

In all my 1:1 sessions, we cover SMA, whether my client has chosen my 3-month Feel the Freedom programme, my 9-month Birth Your Book programme or my 9-month Birth Your Blissful Business programme. Then we cover how they organise their days. Then depending on whether they want to write a book, develop a better money mindset or/and have a business that is more suited to their needs and wishes and that is more successful (on their own terms), we delve into money mindset work, Branding with Archetypes, the structure of their book, their writing schedule, their first draft and so on. 

For money and business, there is a whole array of exercises I take them through, from pricing and packages/programmes, to the dreaded niche (dreaded by Alchemists and Connectors like you – I see you, I know you!), to their Signature System and to charging what they want, need and deserve for it.

If you want to find out more about how I work and why my clients are so happy with their results, check out my website and perhaps book a Discovery Call

I have just two 1:1 slots available and we can start working together the second week in February.