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human design sacred money archetypes writing Aug 27, 2021
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Over the last couple of years, I have understood what my guiding lights are, thanks to many courses (especially Sacred Money Archetypes and Branding with Archetypes), programmes, trainings and also (more recently) thanks to astrology and to Human Design. This discovery has made it soooo easy to make decisions lately, it has been amazing and truly life-changing. For instance today, it was clear to me that I wanted to spend time playing cards (Unstable Unicorns!) with my girls and honour a guiding light I wasn't even aware of before – connection.

When you love your business/work, or when you love writing, it's easy to get side-tracked and think 'Oh well, I'll honour this wish/desire [playing with my girls] tomorrow'. Yet connection (to myself and with my family, friends and colleagues) is important to me. I do need to balance it all out, never forgetting a guiding light in favour of another

My first two guiding lights are freedom and time. (Or so I thought – read below to find out more.) The last 10 days, I have been so caught up in 'catching up with work' because I was away for 2 full weeks, that I hardly paused during the day to breathe and pee, let alone to read, to do my yoga, to be in silence and/or to connect with my family and myself. I did my hypnosis mp3s first thing in the morning (an accomplishment in itself, don't get me wrong), then it was full steam ahead until after teatime.

Today, FROM today, things are different. I know I have to honour all of my five guiding lights, every single day, in order to live a balanced life, which, as a Libra, is of utmost importance to me and for my mental and physical health (especially to help me make decisions!) (those who know, know...).

Where in your life do you not honour your guiding lights? Do you even know what yours are? I knew my top one was freedom, but even though the other four are now so obvious to me, I didn't know just how important these things were to me (and I certainly felt a lot of guilt and shame at having and feeling them), and I certainly wasn't aware that they were SO important that they were my GUIDING LIGHTS!

  • freedom
  • time
  • silence
  • connection
  • trust

No more shame, no more guilt, this is who I am, this is how I operate, and this is how you can get to operate too (without shame or guilt) if you are willing to 'go there' and make decisions using your guiding lights, every single day, every single time you need to decide something (and we have soooo many choices to make every day!). You can also call them your barometers, your beacons, your lighthouses.

When a boat is nearing the shore and the captain sees the lighthouse, they don't make decisions ignoring the position of the lighthouse, the direction of the light, the things it shines its light on. No. They take full consideration of that lighthouse. 

Do the same with your guiding lights in your life, business and writing.  

So... what is important to you?



Freedom being my top guiding light, I decide on the allotted times for my writing, for my clients, for my newsletters, for my blog posts, etc. I still have to take into account my family’s schedule to a certain extent, but within that, I design a life and business I love. (This has been one of my mantras for a while!) I do recognise that it is a privilege and I am very grateful. 

Now my definition of freedom may well be different from yours. It may not even be one of your guiding lights. And you may have only three or four guiding lights, not five, which is absolutely fine too. 



Time is my next guiding light. I realised how much ‘time’ (even though some people think it doesn’t exist to me, as a mother, business owner, wife, daughter, friend and colleague, it very much exists and has been feeling very much limited for the past 18 months...) is important to me. I have gone two opposite ways with this in the last few days, in order to help myself relax into TIME: 

  • I have ‘reduced time’ by spending less (but much more focused) time on my business (totally inspired by Leonie Dawson, who only works 10 hours a week, though I’m definitely not there yet!!) (affiliate link)
  • I have ‘expanded time’ by telling myself I have ‘all the time in the world’ (also a reminder in my phone)

Now here is what I have realised in the last few days: I thought trust wasn't that important, but when I felt the restriction around my freedom in my mind, I realised that trust had to come first, above allll my guiding lights. 'Without trust, I can't have true freedom – if I worry, for example, I am not free' I started to understand the other day. And now it's as clear as crystal.

So here are my guiding lights again, in their final order:

  • trust
  • freedom
  • time
  • silence
  • connection

I may realise over the next few weeks that I have other guiding lights in my life and business, but for now these are my five. 

EDIT ON 30/9/21: I would like to add 'Sun' to this list. Having had such a beautiful September, I have realised how important sun is to me, my mental wellbeing and my physical wellbeing. Especially reading in the sun!


Ideal Week

I have also revised my ‘ideal week’ (a table in a Word document that I update every 6 months or so, to match my requirements and those of my family) and it feels VERY spacious!

I am going to stick to my ‘Client Week’ and my ‘Writing Week’ better than ever. I have been doing this for about 3 years, but the ‘Writing Week’ has been more about writing for my business (content) than for my books :-( Time for this to CHANGE!

With more time in my life and with my ideal week now redesigned, I have more time to write (which also includes this blog, which I adore!)

There is a vision I have had for many years and it is this: me, in my early 60s, in a cottage in Cornwall, overlooking the sea, and writing. In the latest refinement of this vision (completely unconscious), I have actually now written 10 books! So with only one under my belt, I had better get going again! 

What about you?


Are you ready to write your book?

If you know you are ready to step into your writer identity, book your Connection Call so we can ensure that I can support you and that we are a good fit for my 1:1 Birth Your Book programme. I only have one spot left


What about Human Design?

In terms of Human Design, I am a Generator, like 65% of the population apparently. But what I have learnt that is business-changing for me (at least in my view – trusting my gut, here, as I am supposed to as a Generator who has 'Sacral Authority'!) is that my strategy is to 'wait to respond'.

This now totally explains why I have done certain things the way I have done them in my life and business, and why I have been soooo unhappy trying to do them in another way! Why didn't I find that out about 20 years ago?! Or even 40 years ago?! 

So even though I have been aiming to 'really niche down' over the past few months, I am now expanding again. Only a little, but enough that I feel FREEDOM in my business in general, in my specific offerings in particular, and in my mind. Check out my Work with Me page to see how I can help you.

It is an honour to be able to support you in all the ways I have been and will carry on doing. Pick what calls to you, and I will respond :-) 

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