Focusing on one-off sessions

business money mindset writing Jul 29, 2022

If you're anything like me, sometimes all you want and need is a one-off session with someone who can help you there and then (or very soon). 

Sometimes, that's all you need, especially if you're a highly competent life leader and business owner and you already have lots of tools in your toolbox.

Sometimes, you just need reassurance, or guidance, or just a virtual shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen. 

Sometimes you don't trust your judgement or your gut, and your biz buddies are busy or stuck too, so you can't rely on them to help you. You've already asked them four times last week...

This is where I come in.

I myself am quite tired these days. I blame the stress from the last two and a half years, for sure, but also perimenopause, which incidently started for me around then too - I would say two years ago, with cycle-related headaches I never used to have, and now mood swings, low energy in the second part of my cycle especially, and this despair-cum-anger that rises every now and again (as it did last night). 

Thankfully, the Menstruality Podcast is supporting me in beautiful ways, with the soothing voices of Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope (and Sophie, the host), explaining everything in such depth and with so much ease. I am in awe. Of everything! Including the initiation that is the menopause. Listen to the most powerful episode (for me) here, 'How to navigate the menopause initiation'.

So at the moment, it is quite clear that I am not able to offer long-term programmes (all my long programmes are over 9 months). 

However, I still want to support women with their writing, and also with life, business and money.

So I'm now focusing on offering one-off sessions, also because that is what I want from other coaches/guides/mentors myself. I'm quite self-sufficient and I don't want long programmes. Definitely no more than 3 months, and like I said, most of the time, all I require is just one one-off session, just to reset me, just to feel ME again, just to understand what's going on in my life or business.


  • whether it's a bit of grit in your shoe or a massive boulder on your path, whether it's a big emotion, a small emotion, a traumatic experience or feeling that's coming up (again?)
  • and whether it's with regards to an aspect of your life or something to do with business (launching? structuring an offer? money/pricing?) or your writing (stuck on a chapter? structuring your book? finishing your book? marketing your book?)

... I have a session and a solution for you:

  • Emotional Freedom Session to release that emotion
  • Intuitive Guidance - with oracle cards, breathwork, visualisation, or whatever is deemed suitable during our time together
  • Intuitive Guidance AND EFT - a combination of the above for a deep energetic reset
  • Pick My Brain - for anything to do with money (especially Sacred Money Archetypes [take the SMA quiz here to find out more about your money personality!]), branding (especially Branding with Archetypes) and writing and self-publishing
  • Deep-dive Day - for your book, your business or your money mindset, but most probably best suited to your book/writing; 8 hours of guidance via Telegram (a bit like WhatsApp but more private as I won't need your phone number and you won't need mine), to ask me anything you want and need to start, make progress on or finish your book; a whole day of 'Pick My Brain'!

I have significantly lowered the prices of my one-off sessions recently (£95/£95/£144/£111/£444 respectively for the sessions above). I know it may still be a lot of money for you. If it is, please still get in touch. There may be something I could do to help, so don't hesitate to reply to this email.

(If you need further help beyond that, my 6-session/3-month Feel the Freedom programme is absolutely a possibility, but let's start with a one-off session, especially if you've never worked with me before :-))

Book your session by clicking on the link below, or contact me here if you're not sure which one would be best for your circumstances.



I am having fun with Reels at the moment.

As things change on social media, I adapt my views and perspective on them. I also have clearer and clearer boundaries around them.

I'm still not on Facebook except for a few groups I belong to (including one I own) and I only check my account every few days, but I have started using Instagram a bit (you may have noticed). 

I have SO many ideas ALL THE TIME about how to help you (or make you laugh perhaps!), and I can't write fast enough, edit fast enough, look for images fast enough and post/send fast enough. I feel overwhelmed. I desperately want to write more blog posts, but they take so long and my ideas go way way faster and it's just impossible to keep up.

Now that I have tried Reels, I think that maybe, just maybe, this is a feature I can use effectively, mixing the messages I receive for you from my intuition or the Universe - those that will support you in your life, business and writing - with just fun stuff I fancy doing.

My only rule is to only do one Reel a day (unless super inspired and it's going to be a quick second one) (and probably not every day) and only check messages and others' posts once a day. 

The other rule (so... two rules...) is that I don't worry too much about editing and adding fancy things and links and words to the images/video. I've tried that, it took me half an hour altogether. NOT impressed with the use of my time!

Of course, as always, if my brain shows signs of fogginess and 'buzzingness', I will slow right down, and maybe even take the app off my phone yet again, until I feel better. 

One thing is for sure: the outreach of my Reels is much better than that of my Stories or my grid posts, so that's encouraging! 

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