Retreat in Glastonbury with Rebecca Campbell

recommendations retreat spirituality Jul 15, 2021

I have so much to tell you!


I went to Glastonbury for the first time a week ago and it wasn’t just about this enticing town. It was a whole retreat in and around Glastonbury, with Rebecca Campbell and 11 other beautiful souls, no less. For four glorious days.

If I had to summarise this experience, I would give you three words:

  • deep
  • transformational
  • magical

Of course, you know me, I’m going to give you so much more than three words!

The transformation has actually been slow for me (I do everything slowly, so no surprises there!) and I’m still integrating things. Every day, new images and thoughts and explanations and realisations come to my awareness. So it is likely I will drip-feed all my learnings over the next few blog posts.

The first morning, last Tuesday, a poem came to me (please bear in mind that I didn’t know anything about Avalon, Glastonbury, the Chalice Well or anything! I feel I still don’t, in fact – I KNOW I will go back!):


Land of Avalon

Mistress of priestesses

Let me drink your blood at the spring

And caress your Chalice Well

Grant me my wishes of peace

Inspire my writing always

Awake the muse within

So that I birth what I came to birth

In this lifetime


Rereading this, I think my wishes have been granted!

I feel peaceful and I have resumed my writing (including my blog!). I will tell you more about it in my next post, when things have percolated a bit more.

In and around Glastonbury, it rained, it poured, the sun shone fiercely, the wind growled ferociously, we shared vulnerably, we held each other up, we ate delicious food, we had nourishing experiences, we laughed, we cried, we were torn apart and put ourselves back together, we drank our very own home-made leaf and flower teas, we lay on the earth in the forest, we ate whole flowers and whole leaves, we threw what no longer served us into the fire, and all under the beautiful, thoughtful, wise guidance of the amazing Rebecca Campbell.

I baptised myself at the Red Spring of the Chalice Well Gardens AND in the lake at the magical property we were staying at (700 acres of land!). (If you remember, I changed my name back in early May, see this post. Now it was time to make it all official, in the eyes of the Universe and Nature and my new friends, but especially for my own sake.)

I was on my own at the spring but I was witnessed by nearly all the other retreat attendees at the lake, it was all so so perfect and magical

The magical Chalice Well, where all the energy went straight to my head and exhausted me for a few hours afterwards!


To niche or not to niche?!

‘Fuck marketing!’ I shouted at the end of my share in our circle on the Thursday morning.

‘I no longer want to be put in a box or put myself in a box. I am ALL of who I am.’

I wrote it on the label I was given and it all got released and thrown into the fire that evening, before the most magical dinner in the forest. (I will not share pictures of that particular event, in case you want to attend the retreat in August (I believe there are still a couple of spaces available). It ought to be sacredly guarded.)

‘All of who I am’ currently means that I am a Doula full stop. A birth doula, a life doula, a trauma doula, a book doula, a business doula, a moola doula. I am a space holder. I am a wisdom sharer. I facilitate things and events, for people, things, concepts and ideas to be born or reborn. That is me. That is all of me.

Being pigeon-holed, trying to pigeon-hole myself, comes at a great price for me and creates a lot of anxiety and overthinking.

I am now at peace again as I surrender every day and simply invite the Universe to send me whoever needs me and my soul services. The Universe knows what I do and who I serve; the Universe knows people and what they need, and I let it/him/her/them practise its/his/her/their magic and connect us together in the most beautiful and powerful ways, as it so often does already.

If you are one of those people, welcome to my world, services and offerings and thank you for being here 😊

The enchanting yurt, where so much transformation happened...

The delicious food (we have all asked for a recipe book!)

Nettle cake (yes).

The glorious and delightful Rebecca Campbell (yes, it was very muddy and we all wore wellies with our beautiful dresses :-) )


Social media

Coming back from the retreat, just the word ‘Facebook’ made me feel sick. Just the idea of having to return to ‘that world’ sent feelings of discomfort and distress throughout my body, my brain and my soul.

So I was really glad to be able to listen to the soothing words of Leonie Dawson on the topic of marketing without social media in her eponymous latest course. I feel I will still want to have a presence on IG and FB, just because that is where I go when I want to check what specific people are doing and how (as well as their websites), but anything deeper or longer than that, I shudder. A presence is enough. Or none at all. Websites, blogs and newsletters are definitely still a very good way to connect.

If you haven’t signed up for Leonie’s 'Marketing without Social Media' course yet, you can do so and get it for $99 using this link (if you use this affiliate link, I will earn a small commission, thank you in advance 😊). It hasn’t disappointed me in the slightest, as I knew it wouldn’t. I binge-listened to about 80% of it at the weekend! Now I will return to it, download all the documents, listen again and make tons of notes. I am deeply inspired.

Buy Leonie's course here


Author interview: Gulara Vincent

With the possibility to easily create my very own podcast thanks to Kajabi (see below), I am VERY excited to announce that within the next 3-4 weeks, I will interview Gulara about her book Hammer, Sickle & Broom and will publish it on my website, on YouTube AND on my upcoming podcast! I am thrilled because there is SO much I want to share on my podcast and SO many people I want to interview, starting with all the authors that have published their books after doing my Birth Your Book programme. Since starting doing this book-doulaing work about 3 years ago now, I have supported 17 authors with the birth of their books, and it’s such an honour to be able to talk to them about the creative process, why they wrote their books, why they wrote what they wrote about, etc.

Are you excited too?!

In the meantime, Gulara had a wonderful interview with Leo Adley on his podcast. My interview with Gulara will be different in many ways, so with these two interviews combined, you will have a broad overview of Gulara’s book, which is absolutely breathtaking. 

Order Gulara's book here

Listen to Gulara's interview on Leo Adley's podcast here

Click here for Gulara's Instagram page