The Tapping Templeā„¢ - group EFT/tapping sessions

eft emotions tapping Jan 19, 2022

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Why the Tapping Temple™?

It is January 2022 and I am carrying on with the implementing of the vision I first got around 3 years ago: me doing EFT sessions on stage with hundreds of women, supporting them as they release old wounds, blocks and beliefs around the following emotions and topics:

- stress

- anxiety

- overwhelm

- anger

- frustration

- sadness

- trauma (emotional and physical)

- pain (emotional and physical)

- money

- business

- book writing

- motherhood

- procrastination


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is also known as 'tapping'. These emotions and feelings can be released quickly, simply and effectively using EFT. Find out more about it here.

You are invited to regularly release unwanted, challenging, uncomfortable feelings and emotions, including feelings in your body and perhaps physical manifestations and symptoms of deep underlying issues.

It's only £33 per session.

It's every Thursday, at 2pm London time/9am EST.

It is for women and people who identify as women.

All of you is welcome. When you come into the Tapping Temple™, it is not to change you or shame you or make you feel 'less than'. It is to help you release what doesn't help you in your life, what feels heavy and like a burden (small or huge), so that you can leave the session feeling light, calm, relaxed and knowing what to do or how to be next in your life.

How does each session in the Tapping Temple™ work?

In each session, one person has the opportunity to volunteer to be the main person whose issue we will all tap on. Everyone else will tap along with this person and myself, and can change the words if they don't match their situation exactly. The magic in this is:

- the energy created as a group (yes, even online - I create a safe space for you to tap, on your own yet together)

- the 'borrowed benefits' experienced by everyone - meaning that even though what the main person experiences or/and has experienced may be different from what you (have) experience(d), the benefits of the tapping will apply to you regardless

- I use my intuition to guide the session

- I keep checking with everyone else 'in the room'

- I always ask everyone else what they're going to tap on so I can incorporate their issues into the main tapping sequence

- everyone benefits on some level, usually much deeper than expected

- by the end of the session, everyone feels connected and less alone in the experience of the issue they have tapped on

If no one wants to volunteer to be the main person, that is no problem at all. I ask everyone to tell me what they want to tap on in the chat and I lead the session, addressing all of the issues, incorporating everyone's words, feelings and situations into the session, as we all tap away, using my words exactly or changing them slightly (or a lot!) to fit your situation.



How to book your space in the Tapping Temple™

Book your space for any day, any time, here.

You can message me here if you have any questions or contact me via Telegram @JoyousJourneys.