Three reasons to invest in your business and what, how and why

birth your blissful business business goals money breakthrough business coach money mindset multi-tasking sacred money archetypes Aug 31, 2020

1) It saves you time.

2) It saves you energy

3) It saves you money.

One of the mistakes I made for many years was to think about the money that I aimed to spend in my business as money that I could spend on myself or on my family, for example to go on holiday. It was all the same money to me. I had a hard time separating personal money from business money (most probably because I didn’t have a business account).

If you are an Accumulator like me (in terms of Sacred Money Archetypes®), you will understand where I’m coming from. If you’re a Romantic (lucky you!), you will say to yourself, ‘Of course, spend money on people and things that can help you!’. It is not as simple for everyone, far from it. 

So first of all, stop thinking that the money you spend on or invest in your business is your personal money and that you will never see it again, ‘adios holidays!’. You will see it again, and probably multiplied too. 

Next, calculate how much time it takes you to do something without either the person or the tool that you would like to invest in. Multiply this by your hourly rate and see if it's worth paying for the tool or the person. For example, I went backwards and forwards with Kajabi. Whenever I stopped using it, I realised how much more time things were taking me, such as:

  • opening a new tab for MailChimp or sending an email via Gmail
  • uploading into my Facebook group, which is free but takes a lot longer than uploading into Kajabi
  • just saying, 'You will find it under Stage 2 in Kajabi'
  • referring each person from my group to the same source of information – it's easier to say, 'Look under x' than to say (and do), 'I will send you the document'

My best advice is to start using either the tool (a lot of the ingenious software companies out there offer you a free 7-day or 14-day trial, for example Kajabi), or the person. 

If we're choosing the example of a person you think you want to hire, start a one-month trial with her/him/them and see how much time it saves you. Keep a record of what they do and how much more quickly they do it compared to you. See how many more tasks they can achieve in the same amount of time and see what else you can do while they do those tasks that you would normally do.

You will soon realise that you gain a lot of time and therefore a lot of energy and a lot of freedom too. It makes me so happy when I'm playing with my girls and I get a notification from Asana that my VA has sent an email or has uploaded something for me :-) 

Or while I'm writing a blog post (something that she can't do on my behalf), or while I'm doing a Facebook live – again, something that she can't do on my behalf. Or when I'm writing my book – again, definitely something that she can't do on my behalf :-) 

That is the kind of freedom that delegating/outsourcing affords you.

Very soon, you will realise that the money you invest has got nothing to do with your personal money – it is your business money. It is the money you use so that you can run your business better and more efficiently. And because you do that, you then earn more money, which you can then use in your personal life, for your holidays, for your children, for presents for your loved ones – you name it.

AND – something also very dear to my heart – you can also give to the charities that mean a lot to you.

If you have any kind of blocks around any of this and would like to explore how you can use this advice in your business so that you can free up time, to write your book for example, then contact me here or book your free Discovery Call here.

And if you are interested in Kajabi, here is my affiliate link to start a 14-day trial for FREE, which will help you build your website and create and sell your first product (mini-course, big course, membership, just an area to store all your materials for your clients, etc.) plus CRM/email facility (you can import your contacts from another platform, such as Mailchimp).

If I were starting over, I would go straight to Kajabi. I AM kind of starting over, in fact, and choosing to host everything in Kajabi, including my CRM and website. Byebye WordPress, byebye Mailchimp! Hello Kajabi!