What is your money identity?

money rewrite your money story sacred money archetypes Mar 07, 2022

I'll be honest, I seem to have soaked up all the emotions that are going around. Some are definitely my own, but some aren't. And I am starting to be able to distinguish those from mine.

In terms of Human Design, I have an 'open' Emotional Centre (also called the Solar Plexus Centre). I am very susceptible to feeling everyone's emotions, very strongly. I am a highly empathetic empath. Ha! Now I understand why I have been feeling how I've been feeling all my life. Now I understand why I was absolutely the perfect victim for my covert narcissistic father and why I always tried to anticipate his every move and every word (but sometimes got it wrong because, as a narcissist, he was so skilled at surprising me (mostly negatively) with a different attitude or phrase or behaviour from what I expected).

Soooo many times, I thought it was me imagining things. Sometimes, even now, I think I actually MANIFEST things just by thinking of them. But actually it's (mostly? always?) me being able to sense at a very deep level what's happening and what's about to happen. (Like my younger daughter being sick in the car on Saturday morning on our way to my in-laws'... Thankfully, I was prepared...)

If you, too, have an 'undefined' or 'open' Emotional Centre, you may be experiencing the same. And you need to know that not only do we feel more of what's around us - we actually amplify it! This article is fascinating.

I know it's a huge privilege but this why I haven't watched or listened to the news for over 2 years (I didn't much before then anyway). And I haven't for the past week either. I ask my husband to give me a summary of what's going on in the world, but I don't watch or listen anything shown in the media. It doesn't serve me, my family or my clients.

This is also why, I now realise, I have been tapping (using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques) every single day at least once a day for a couple of weeks: to release all the emotions that are mine, and all the emotions that are NOT mine.

And then I always finish with sending love and light to all the people who need it in that moment and beyond.

This is also why the Tapping Temple is so dear to my heart. It's my way of supporting people in the best way I can.


The Tapping Temple™

If you want to release any of the emotions or feelings you may have been experiencing because of what has been happening in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world, or in your family, or in your life in the distant or recent past, you are invited to release them in the Tapping Temple next Thursday at 2pm GMT/9am EST.

Join the like-minded women in there – women who help others, women in the wellness industry, coaches, therapists, healers, spiritual teachers and creatives. We are all sensitive and empathetic. We may not all have an open or undefined Emotional Centre, but we are all definitely sensitive and empathetic. We wouldn't be able to do our jobs without these qualities and gifts.

You can find out more information about what happens in the Tapping Temple™ and how it works here.

Testimonials from recent attendees

'I got over my back issues thanks to the Tapping Temple! I've never had it that painful before and recover so quickly! The next day I was pain free and had full mobility!'

'Thank you for yesterday's Tapping Temple. You are brilliant at EFT. I did my own tapping session this morning because I needed to explore more and you inspired me to keep going. I realised through today's tapping that yesterday allowed a few layers to peel back. I could see what was underneath and the real heart of the problem. As I tapped, I found another layer underneath that one too. This practice has helped me find the core, the gem, the true pain that was causing so much trouble on the surface. Still much to process but it is so much better. The Tapping Temple is helping me peel back the layers! It is such a surprise what comes up - it's like my mind just relaxes enough to lower the gate and let me have a little peek at what's really behind those steel doors!'

Yes, that is exactly how it is: tapping on acupressure/acupuncture points relaxes the conscious mind enough that it then lets us access our unconscious mind. And that is where ALL the treasure is!



The Money Temple™

Because of what is going on in the world, or in your own country, or even in your own family, fears around money may come up. 'Will I have enough?' 'Why did I not save when I could?' 'Why am I in this situation again?' 'Why can't I save regularly so I always have enough?' 'I'm not good with money.'

All this self-judgement may come up and your mind goes round and round in circles as to why, and how, and what if..., and if only...

You are here to help so many people, in so many ways – whether your children, your extended family or your clients. The last thing we need in this world is overgiving, undercharging, overgenerous people, who then can't help the world (or even themselves and their families) because they are burnt out.

If this sounds like you, you are invited to my Money Temple. It is on every other Tuesday (sometimes a bit more often than that) at 9.30am GMT/4.30am EST, and you can find out more here.



What is your money identity?

Before you attend the Money Temple session, it is important that you take the Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz, so that I can support you as well I can.

When I know your money identity, I can help you to the best of my ability. Because several different people could ask me the exact same question, and my reply will be different according to their archetypes.

This is precisely what fascinates me about the money work I do and the people I work with. Contrary to what you may have read, heard or felt, there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to money (or business or book writing or trauma healing  or even medicine, in my view...).

There isn't ONE way of doing money.

There certainly isn't just MY way of doing money.

There is YOUR way of doing money, based on YOUR archetypes, making the most of YOUR gifts and toning down YOUR challenges as much as you can.

If you would like to find out more about my Sacred Money Archetypes and how they play out in my life, watch this video of the interview I had with my amazing friend, colleague and biz buddy Celine Tytgadt.

If you would like to find out more about the archetypes in general, watch this video of the interview I had with Annette Ferguson, owner of Annette & Co, an accountancy firm that specialises in Profit First. You can also listen on her Financial and Lifestyle Freedom for UK Business Owners Podcast here (Google Podcast), here (Apple Podcasts) or here (Spotify). We spend the first 6 minutes talking about my book-doula work, and the rest of the interview about the Archetypes.


I hope to see you soon in one of my Temple sessions :-) 

If you would rather talk about your money fears privately, I offer a 6-month programme called Rewrite Your Money Story and I have two spots available at the moment. Book a Connection Call here so we can discuss your requirements and you can ask me all the questions you want :-)

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