Writer's block, anyone?

what if writer's block writers writing Dec 24, 2019

I have had my fair share of writer's blocks.

I wrote my first poem for Hidden Hints (book of poems) in December 2018. It's only today, a year later to the day, that I am publishing the book of 12 poems. 
The blocks were:
  • No one will care.
  • No one will read them.
  • People will think I'm not telling the truth.
  • People will think my poems are awful (I KNOW they're not the most amazing poems but they're the best I could do, so after quite a few revisions I decided that it was enough and I just had to release them into the world, no matter what).
  • What if I don't sell a single book? (I actually don't really care. My main aim with this first book is to help other women, and if I help just ONE woman, just ONE daughter of a covert narcissist, I will have accomplished my mission.)
What are your writer's blocks?