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Last week I celebrated my 45th birthday. If you remember, in honour of this special event, I had offered free EFT sessions and they have now all been snapped up. You can still book your session here, of course, but it's not free any more, it's back to its normal investment level of £188. 

What I was hoping for last week, for this fairly significant birthday, was that my podcast would finally be ready for you all to peruse and consume – alas, it wasn’t to be! However, today, it is! Only 6 days late!

As you can see, it is called The Writing Womb Podcast and my intention is to have mainly interviews for it, with a focus on authors, writing, the publishing process, as well as physical and mental wellness, money and business. All of my favourite subjects (of course!).

I am launching it with a super special episode with a super special woman and client of mine, Dr Gulara Vincent, author of Hammer, Sickle & Broom: A Memoir of Intergenerational Trauma in Azerbaijan.

If you’re new to my world, first of all, WELCOME!, and this is how I roll here – I LOVE talking about books and business (understand ‘entrepreneurship’), including money, and I LOVE talking about my clients’ books, because books change lives and they change lives, through their work and through their books. It is an HONOUR to work with them and talk about their books, and now to talk TO THEM about their books, publicly, on my podcast.

In most cases, the episodes will also be available to watch on my YouTube channel, so just choose your favourite platform!

Click here to access my podcast and the first episode, with Gulara Vincent


In other news, marketing without social media... 

Using Leonie Dawson’s Marketing Without Social Media course, I am transitioning to NO social media. I realised over the last few months that it has to be a transition, and it's a LONG transition, as I still feel that using social media is unavoidable. At the same time, I wonder WHY! We never used or needed them until 15 years ago!

I have a rule (of course I have – Accumulator and Ruler here, in terms of Sacred Money Archetypes®!): I post and run away, and I do it ALL from my desktop. The apps aren't on my phone any more (though I'll be honest, sometimes, just for a few days, I put one of them back on, if I want to post stories on IG or if I want to follow a series of masterclasses on FB – those are the only reasons (so far)). Not many people watch my stories anyway, so it feels like a waste of time to have the app on my phone (because of course, I watch other people’s stories then, don’t I?! It is thoroughly enjoyable, and there are definitely people I LOVE following, but I can do that from my desktop too if I really want to, and that's a better option because it is a bit of a pain to watch stories from a desktop! So this way, I ONLY watch and read what I truly want to watch and read).

Currently, I still feel that I want to have a presence on both platforms, so people can check me out on social media as well as on my website. And this is precisely what Leonie also addresses – we don’t actually have to leave all social media once and for all (however tempting that has been for me for over a year!) (and which I kind of did for a few weeks (IG) or months (FB) (I did leave my personal FB profile completely between February and September, apart from the odd post about litter picking, for my local community to be aware of). There is a whole section in Leonie's course about ‘What if we don’t want to leave everything permanently?’ (she calls it ‘Staying on social media? How to save your time and sanity and still profit!’).

Check out Leonie's Marketing without Social Media course here

(This is an affiliate link so if you purchase the course, I will earn a small commission.)


Goal Getter Workbooks

If you fancy Leonie’s Goal Getter Workbooks, they are READY! As you will see, they are now undated, but I don’t think that’s a problem at all – more flexibility, less waste, and also there is an electronic version, for even less waste!

AND I found out just yesterday how easy it is to annotate a PDF in my reMarkable tablet, so I am going to get the electronic versions of the workbooks, weekly planner AND daily to-do list planner and upload them all into my tablet and VOILA!!! Instant saving on all fronts!

Quick tip from me: if you are a business owner/entrepreneur, I suggest you only get the Business Goal Getter Workbook. There is plenty enough to read, ponder, do and fill in with this one workbook. You don't need the Life version as well. I'm going for the Goal Getter BIZ Bundle. Still, by all means, if you feel you need something specific for your life too, of course get the FULL bundle! 

I wasn’t as assiduous in my Workbook use this year as I had been in previous years, but 2022 I will again. Care to join me?

Get Leonie’s Goal Getter Workbooks here

(This is only an affiliate link for the electronic version – there isn’t an affiliate programme for Leonie’s physical/paper products.)


On the podcast next week 🎤: interview with Leonie! 

Last but absolutely NOT least, look out for my interview with Leonie, out next week on my podcast!!!

Thanks to you all beauties who purchased one or several of Leonie’s courses in recent months, I became one of her top 10 affiliates in August, which earned me the chance to interview her on my podcast! I couldn’t believe it and we didn’t even know this was on the cards. I promoted her courses because I absolutely adore her, her style, her wisdom, her teachings and her approach to life and business, not because I thought maybe I would get anything in return (on top of a commission, that is). 

So I will soon share with you my podcast again, with a brand-new episode! Until then, stay zen if at all possible 😊

EDIT ON 3RD NOVEMBER 2021: Click here to listen to the episode with Leonie!

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