If flowers know when to bloom, so does your book

writing your book Mar 27, 2021

Your book knows when it can, or even needs to be, released.

Trust yourself and the Universe.

'The intelligence of the Universe lies within you.'

Your book cannot be ready before its time.

I pulled the 'Child of the Cosmos' card from Rebecca Campbell's The Starseed Oracle and this is my favourite quote from the matching text found in the accompanying booklet. 

If flowers know exactly 

when to bloom,

then you do too.

- Rebecca Campbell -

The Starseed Oracle

This is why my 1:1 Birth Your Book programme is 9 months long. It takes time to birth a book, especially for you, business owner, movement leader, mother, partner, daughter and sister. 

Your life is full.

Your business is full.

Your writing needs space and time to bloom too.