Is your book about your process or philosophy?

birth your book business organisation writing your book your business Dec 07, 2020
Writing and tea

Same café but different table, different drink and different writing medium.

Today is all about incorporating some notes, paragraphs and pages into my chapters. 30 pages of stuff. Mmmmhhh... going to take a while. I might need TWO teapots of mint tea!

If you have no idea about how to structure your book, you won't know where to put all your ideas. It will be a big mess and you will give up. I bet that's what's already happened to you, several times, in the last few years, or even decades. 

Do you even know what process you take your clients through exactly? Do you know the precise sequence?

If you are writing a book about your process and your philosophy, as well as your experiences, start with what you do best when you see your clients (whether in real life or via Zoom, that doesn't matter) - start with THAT process. THEN write about it and about the 'why' behind it.

Over the past year or so, it has become very obvious to me that before my clients write, they have to be clear about their businesses, their lives, themselves, their offers and their pricing. It's like they can't write their books until that's done and affirmed. It's the foundational work upon which their writing days and their books are built. Without that, they find it tricky to write, if not downright impossible.

This is why the first 'trimester' of my Birth Your Book programme is all about them, their lives, the way they organise their days and the way they do their business and their money.

Now that I have business-coaching tools thanks to my Money Breakthrough Business Coach training, I can give my writing clients even more if they need it. I can help them to confidently and proudly state who they are, make their offers, state their prices and tell the world what they are writing/have written about.

And I know, and they know now, that this is the ONLY way they will CREATE enough time for their writing (time doesn't magically appear, I KNOW that for a FACT and so do my clients!).

So if you run your own business but are not quite set up to allow yourself the time to write, if you don't know quite know how you could get organised, what to focus on and what your book should be about, then book your Discovery Call here. We can have a chat about it all and see if we're a good fit.