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doula my books the invisible quill writing Dec 07, 2021

I am feeling dreamy right now.

I have been super busy organising files and folders on two devices PLUS my OneDrive. No mean feat. (It's all to do with Christmas and my 13-year-old getting my laptop as one of her presents, yes... I now have desktop 'tower' and I still can't quite get over how small it is, compared to the 1990s style 'towers'!)

And this afternoon, just before starting writing this missive to you, I came across, opened and started reading a diary entry (in a Word doc, as I used to in those days!) dated November 2001

TWENTY years ago!

And the dream then was exactly the same as it is today: to live by the sea and to be a full-time writer.

Especially the latter.

What happened between that time and today? 

I had a full-time job in the reputable publishing house Scholastic, in the educational department (and I still managed to write my children’s novel, The Invisible Quill [still not fully edited, but I did edit about half of it at the time!]).

I then met my husband-to-be in 2003. (And I still managed to write a few half-books.)

We got married in 2006.

We had our first daughter in 2008.

And she rocked my world.

It took me 3 years to recover.

Then somehow I was ready to do it all over again with daughter #2, in 2012. 

It took me 4 years to recover. 

2016 was actually the year I felt ready to expand my horizons and do what I had always wanted to do: have a therapy practice. I was still doing hypnobirthing classes and I had been seeing hypnotherapy clients sporadically since my hypnotherapy training in 2014, and now I really wanted to go full time with that (well, as full time as I could be, with a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old).

I had stopped writing completely by then, I believe. I had even stopped journaling for myself (I could only manage a few entries a month in my first daughter's diary, hardly any for my second daughter's). 

But in 2016, it all came back. 

The journaling. 

The writing. 

My passions (helping others, books, writing, being free and independent).

In the end, in December 2019, on the 6th anniversary of my father’s death, I did publish a book. A book of poems entitled Hidden Hints

In 2020, the plan was to write the eponymous memoir, so that I could help other daughters of narcissistic fathers.

But, yeah… we know what happened in 2020… and in 2021… (Caveat: it doesn't mean the world stopped and books weren't written or published – it's just that they weren't in my household... Just another half-book half-written...)

And so here I am, with still not a second book under my self-publishing belt.

Do you relate?! 


And your dreams are still not fulfilled! 

And yet they’re still the same!

If you are quiet and listen, your dreams are still the dreams of the little girl you were (if you’re like me, you’ve been writing since you were 8 years old, or even younger!).

Your dreams are still the dreams of the young woman you were.

Helping others.

Writing at least one book.

Inviting people to read it and change their lives as a result. 

This is why I have been a Book Doula for over 3 years, combining all my skills to offer editorial, emotional and practical support to women who write, so that they can birth their books and fulfil their lifelong dreams. 

This is why I have birthed the idea of the Writing Women Wisemind. Two years later, it’s finally happening! We’re starting on Wednesday 19th January 2022, just after the Woolf Moon. Awooo! 


What is the Writing Women Wisemind? 

It's a programme like no other because you don't just 'write your book'.

If it were that simple, right now you would be able to gaze dreamily at your own paperback (or even hardback!) book on your bookshelf. You would have done it all by yourself and you would have done it years ago.

No, it's not just about ‘sitting down and writing your book’.

It's about setting up your SPACE for success.

It's about setting up your MINDSET for success.

It's about setting up your DIARY/CALENDAR for success.

It's about setting up your BUSINESS for success.

You don't suddenly wake up one day with loads of time on your hands and thinking, 'Oh, yayyyy! Finally! I have loads of time! I'm going to sit down and write!'


You have to make conscious efforts and decisions to free up space, to move things around, in your mind, office and calendar.

You have to place your book and your identity as a writer in the forefront of your mind as well as in your unconscious.

Writing your book requires radical changes that you are not even aware of right now. Some past wounds need further healing. Some organisational issues need resolving. Some mindset work needs doing.

Are you ready?


Who are you?


  1. are a highly sensitive, heart-centred, conscious entrepreneuse with ideas

  2. have a big vision for the world

  3. are passionate about helping the world heal in the deepest and most long-lasting ways

  4. love being part of a group of women

  5. love sharing your ideas and your wins

  6. need guidance and support when it comes to sorting out your ideas and to writing, editing and self-publishing your book

  7. know you need space and time to get organised in your life and business and to write, around your energy levels, your cycles (including your creativity cycle), your clients and of course your family and… LIFE

  8. want to feel calm and in control in all areas of your life and business so that you can write

  9. sense that this Wisemind is what you have been looking for for a while

  10. are ready to birth your book!


Early bird investment and bonuses!

If you are one of the first 5 women to sign up for the Writing Women Wisemind, you will receive a free space on a group healing session with Gulara Vincent, specially curated for this circle of women. (One spot is already gone, 

If you sign up by 4.59pm on Friday 17th December, you will benefit from the early bird investment level and save £500.

If you pay in full, you will receive a private EFT session with me, to be taken at any time during our 9 months together. 


How do you sign up?

You need to book a Connection Call here. I will then send you a short questionnaire so that we can hit the ground running at the start of our call. You will be able to ask me any questions you may have about the Wisemind or me or my journey :-) 

Just remember your dream.

And then go for it. 

I will be there, holding space for you as you fulfil it. 


OR... you can wait another year.

Or another decade. 

I am not. 2022 is the year my second book will be written and published (and possibly two others too, if I am super productive!).

And I hope you will join me.

This boat is sailing no matter what. 

One spot is already gone :-) 

I am excited for you and all the possibilities that 2022 will bring. Even if we have another year of Covid. Even if it is another tough year for highly sensitive women such as us. We will go and get through it together.

Warmest wishes,


PS: A few months ago, after my identity crisis and my rebirth (under the name 'Isabelle'), I felt I didn't want the energy of my father and the book Hidden Hints, so I unpublished it, so you won't be able to find it on Amazon at the moment. I may publish it again one day, I keep thinking about it, but I'm not ready. I may never be. The person I was feels like she's now dead. Like she belongs in another life, another world. It is a very strange sensation. And so the book that that person had produced can probably also stay in that other world. 

EDIT ON 13/1/22: I have now republished it and linked to it above! You can also click here to find it.

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