You still have a dirty little secret… book doula sacred money archetypes writing Aug 18, 2020

You want to write a book.

But who are you to write a book?

To create your very own programme and write a book about it?

To tell your personal story?

'Who cares about me and my story and my programme?!'


Soooooo many people need to hear YOUR story and about WHY you do what you do and HOW...

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I had to be pretty... book doula eft hypnotherapy nlp reiki therapy writing Aug 16, 2020

I had to be pretty and well behaved.

Seen but not heard.

Photographed but not listened to.

Dressed up but ignored.

All I wanted to be from the age of 15 was a psychologist.

They say if you want to be a psychologist, it's because you want to heal yourself.

Too right!!! I had SO much to heal, and I...

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Does your book fit into your business? birth your book book doula self-publishing writing Aug 15, 2020

Your book has to fit into your business. So inevitably, in my sessions, we talk about how you organise your life and your business.

Helping my clients organise themselves and their businesses is one of my favourite things.

In a session recently, I supported a client who wanted to organise...

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