Lockdown 2.0 - where are you going to save money? money pandemic Nov 13, 2020
In this lockdown 2.0, write down all the things you're going to save money on.
Here's a few points to help you start your list:
  • hairdresser's
  • petrol/diesel
  • meals at work (presumably cheaper at home)
  • clothes
  • ironing lady if you normally hire one
  • cleaning lady/company if...
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The Covid-19 pandemic is like sleeplessness with a baby life pandemic Oct 15, 2020

It occurred to me the other day that the situation with Covid-19, aka ‘the pandemic’, is like having just had a baby.

Or rather (let’s make this super personal), I’m coping with it the way I coped with having my first baby, back in November 2008.

For the first few weeks, I...

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