Are you ready to birth a new money story? birth your blissful business money sacred money archetypes Apr 04, 2021

I know you’ve been looking at other people’s business launches (such as for a course, a programme, a membership or an event) and wondered how they’ve done it because you certainly can’t even do a fraction of what they’re doing. 

I’ll tell you a biiiig...

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A Red Tent in Every School (ARTIES) a red tent in every school alchemist girls idealist menstrual cycle red tent sacred money archetypes visionary Mar 31, 2021

'You're a visionary, right?' she said.

I didn't know what she meant.

This was May 2020.

Full lockdown.

The only vision I had had was the end of aviation as we know it. When I saw an aeroplane early April, high in the sky, I thought, 'What if this is the last one that will ever fly?'

I felt that...

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Certified as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach business eft money money breakthrough business coach sacred money archetypes Dec 06, 2020

Woohooo!!!! What a year! And finishing on a massive high! 

I am now a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach

Nearly a year ago, I also got certified as a Sacred Money Archetypes Coach :-) 

This means that all the business coaching I was doing before is now super-powered,...

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What is your unique brilliance? highly sensitive women money breakthrough business coach money mindset sacred money archetypes Dec 01, 2020

My unique brilliance is that I awaken awareness, passion and freedom. For my clients, for my daughters and indeed for myself.

I had lost my way for a few days and just now I reminded myself of my unique brilliance. It is set up as a reminder in my phone and I see it and read it every single day....

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Lockdown 2.0 - where are you going to save money? business sacred money archetypes saving money Nov 13, 2020
In this lockdown 2.0, write down all the things you're going to save money on.
Here's a few points to help you start your list:
  • hairdresser's
  • petrol/diesel
  • meals at work (presumably cheaper at home)
  • clothes
  • ironing lady if you normally hire one
  • cleaning lady/company if...
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Three reasons to invest in your business and what, how and why birth your blissful business business goals money breakthrough business coach money mindset multi-tasking sacred money archetypes Aug 31, 2020

1) It saves you time.

2) It saves you energy

3) It saves you money.

One of the mistakes I made for many years was to think about the money that I aimed to spend in my business as money that I could spend on myself or on my family, for example to go on holiday. It was all the same money to...

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You still have a dirty little secret… book doula sacred money archetypes writing Aug 18, 2020

You want to write a book.

But who are you to write a book?

To create your very own programme and write a book about it?

To tell your personal story?

'Who cares about me and my story and my programme?!'


Soooooo many people need to hear YOUR story and about WHY you do what you do and HOW...

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