If flowers know when to bloom, so does your book writing your book Mar 27, 2021

Your book knows when it can, or even needs to be, released.

Trust yourself and the Universe.

'The intelligence of the Universe lies within you.'

Your book cannot be ready before its time.

I pulled the 'Child of the Cosmos' card from Rebecca Campbell's The Starseed Oracle and this is my...

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One-off book doula sessions birth your book writing your book Mar 22, 2021

Writing a book can feel like this sometimes.



Lack of motivation.


Major block.

Minor block. 

Feeling disorganised (it doesn't necessarily mean you are).

Not knowing what formatting means and how to use it. 

Did you know I offer one-off...

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Is your book about your process or philosophy? birth your book business organisation writing your book your business Dec 07, 2020

Same café but different table, different drink and different writing medium.

Today is all about incorporating some notes, paragraphs and pages into my chapters. 30 pages of stuff. Mmmmhhh... going to take a while. I might need TWO teapots of mint tea!

If you have no idea about how to...

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Are you following YOUR path? birth your book self-published your book your business your path Jun 24, 2020

Are you following YOUR path? Do you know where you're going? Are you feeling confident that this is YOUR path?

It's taken me YEARS to feel that confidence.

But the more I work with women on their books, the more I feel that this is truly my path.

And in turn, I help them see and feel confident...

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