I help mental and physical wellness practitioners with specific areas such as their money mindset, their branding, their pricing and packages or programmes, their niche and their ideal client/patient, while also supporting them with their own emotional wellbeing.

How can I support you?

Whether you are birthing a brand-new business or changing direction in your business, I can help you.

I know it can all be bewildering and overwhelming.

 I am here to help you keep things simple and turn your business into a profitable, beautiful and exciting adventure.

I am your Business Doula, supporting you and holding space as you explore and master the many areas of birthing your blissful business.

  • I am a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach and can help you with business coaching for great outcomes in whatever area you need change in, with money mindset, with pricing and packages, and with Branding with Archetypes®. I can also help you with your niche and your Signature System® (the beautiful journey you take your clients/patients on). This means I can support you as you transform your business into the magical and authentic and profitable brand that you are currently dreaming of but don’t quite feel deserving of.
  • I am a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach and can help you with all aspects of money mindset and blocks you may have around money and financial freedom. The Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz is the first thing you can do to find out more about your money DNA (see below).
  • I am the queen of organisation, from designing your calendar so it suits your lifestyle, to creating space in your day for self-care and writing, to setting strong boundaries around your writing, your life and your business.
  • I am a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP, EFT, IEMT and Reiki practitioner (click here to find out more about these modalities), so I can support you emotionally throughout our time together, in our sessions but also between our sessions (my services include access to me by email, Monday to Thursday, 9.30am–5.30pm London time, for quick questions or requests of moral support and cheerleading).

The Birth Your Blissful Business programme

It is a programme of 20 fortnightly sessions (approximately two each month over 9 months), as follows:

  • a first session where you get a Sacred Money Archetypes® reading (see below) before we even start talking about your business, because 'the way you do money is the way you do everything' (as Kendall SummerHawk, the creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes® programme, says) 
  • fortnightly support – a 60-minute session once a fortnight
  • email support between your sessions, 4 days a week, for quick questions, encouragement and cheerleading
  • each session will focus on the issue(s) you are facing that day or week, and it can be anything – practical/organisational ideas (for your work space, for how to structure your website, how to organise your day or/and week, spreadsheets, etc.), as well as emotional support, for example with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, money blocks and pricing blocks (I will most likely use talking therapy and EFT, as well as specific business and money coaching exercises), and soulful business support with tools such as Sacred Money Archetypes®, Branding with Archetypes®, How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It®, pricing and packages/programmes, niche, Signature System®, etc.)

How to book

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What are Sacred Money Archetypes®?

As Kendall Summerhawk, creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes® programme, says, ‘The way you do money is the way you do everything’, so in our sessions together, you will learn about yourself in ways you have never done before, in relation to money but also in relation to EVERYTHING, and this will have a profound and positive impact on your mental wellbeing, your physical wellbeing, your life in general, your relationships, your business, and of course your relationship with money. This is about your money story AND your personal story.

Thanks to SMA in our sessions, you will:

  • discover what your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes® are and learn all about them, your gifts and your challenges, and how to make the most of the former and tone down the latter
  • understand yourself, your family, your friends and your team at a deeper level than ever
  • learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value, with confidence and clarity
  • find out about the actions you can take to increase your income and your freedom (financial and otherwise)
  • pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth
  • remove any limits on your financial freedom and inner worth after hearing what you need to do in order to break free
  • be inspired and clear about how to align your financial success with your personal growth
  • be enlightened as to why you do what you do and how you do it

It is literally life-changing and game-changing, for your life, your business and your relationship with money.

Spiritual teacher

Working with Isabelle was a great opportunity to receive more awareness around deep-seated hidden beliefs I hold not only around money but about myself, getting to understand how our archetypes play such a powerful role in our lives. 

Thanks to her book, business and money coaching, I have realised that aligning with the correct coach (Isabelle!) can provide such a feeling of security and a chance to feel safe to explore some vulnerable aspects of myself and some of my beliefs. Having her reflect back to me what I am able to manifest and her belief in my potential to create what I desire was the most powerful part of our time together. I particularly loved the Deep-dive Day, though those few hours didn’t seem enough because I was enjoying it so much!

Crack your money code with the Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz!


I have something truly special for you to do if you are willing. If you are curious. If you think there is something about Sacred Money Archetypes® that appeals to you (even if you don’t quite know why yet).

Maybe you’ve watched my lives about the Sacred Money Archetypes® on my Facebook page.

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about them on Instagram.

Maybe you’ve read my posts on my page where I apply all this knowledge to other areas of my life – my emotions, my husband, my daughters, my friends, my colleagues, my clients, my writing.

However and whenever you have heard of them, you feel that you are now ready to take the plunge and find out a whole lot more about Sacred Money Archetypes and… yourself.

Because ‘the way you do money is the way you do everything’ (as Kendall Summerhawk, creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes Coach Certification programme, says), you are going to learn SO much about yourself and your peers – not just about money.

Are you ready?!


Instructions before you take the quiz

The SMA quiz is a series of thought-provoking questions about your habits, behaviours and thoughts relating to money (but remember, the way we do money is the way we do everything, so all the findings from this quiz will apply to SO MUCH MORE than just money!).

Consider each question from a ‘whole life’ perspective, i.e. if a statement has at one time been strongly relevant but is no longer, please still mark it on the higher side of agree.

Also, answer each question from a place of truth – not hope, wish or ‘would like’.

Once you have submitted your details on the last page, you will receive an email that will give you your results, from your highest score to your lowest, for all 8 archetypes. What is important is your top 3 archetypes, but the order of the other 5 is interesting too!

Allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the quiz (remember, don’t overthink it!).

I can’t wait to see what results you get!

Take the quiz here

How to book

To book your space on my 1:1 Birth Your Blissful Business programme...

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