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You know that you want to write this book.

It is ready, you can feel it.

But you can't make yourself sit down to write.

You are BLOCKED.


This hypnosis mp3 will help you.


It will address all your fears... and your unconscious will do the rest.

Watch the magic unfold as you listen to this mp3 every evening before going to bed, or during the day, as a mini-break.

I really love this recording, first of all because you are a woman. A lot of meditations/hypnosis recordings on YouTube are by men, and those that are by women have that fake New Agey 80s voice – I don’t know how else to describe it, lol… Also because your voice is just so grounded and warm and like a normal woman’s – not trying to pretend to be some enlightened, otherworldly being. It's like I’m being cared for by an actual person. 
- V.