Hidden Hints

I am the author of a book of poems entitled Hidden Hints, published in 2019. It is a series of poems about my experiences as the daughter of a covert narcissistic father. 

If you have ever found yourself being undeservedly criticised, blamed, gaslighted, diminished in any way, put down or ignored by your parent or carer, causing you to question your perceptions and constantly second-guess yourself, AND NO ONE saw, heard or understood what was truly going on, then this book is for you. You are not alone. This is what covert narcissism is.

The Invisible Quill (children's novel)

I am currently (June 2022) in the final editing stages of my children's novel The Invisible Quill. I wrote it over 20 years ago, edited it a couple of times, and never finished what I thought would be the last edit (it turns out my English has improved somewhat in 20 years and so I am NOW doing the final edit!)

My daughter is currently designing the cover and my book will come out on 14th July 2022, in honour of Bastille Day.

As you will know from my ‘About me’ page, I was born in France and came to the UK at the age of 18. It is only after a few months on the other side of the English Channel that I realised I had come here to escape from my father and find freedom.

Despite the fact that I never went back to France, of course my roots were and still are dear to me and I wanted to write a book about France and about a bilingual 10-year-old boy who spends his summer holidays in the south of France, in Carcassonne.

The year I was finally ready to finish my book, 2005, Kate Mosse published her book Labyrinth, also set in Carcassonne. I was devastated. I didn't feel I could possibly seek a publisher (KDP and the Kindle didn't exist yet!) for a novel that was set in the same town as her novel was, and I couldn't change the place because my novel featured the famous French playwright Molière and he had actually been to Carcassonne with his travelling theatre. Also, I didn't know towns in the south of France like I knew Carcassonne (having spent a few days there just two years prior to starting writing the book) and I certainly didn't want to set the story in Paris, far too common!

So I waited some more...

I honestly thought I would one day just burn the manuscript and delete all my files from my computer. But I didn't. 

And at the start of this year, January 2022, I discovered that it was the 400th anniversary of Molière's birth. I felt I absolutely couldn't miss this opportunity! My novel HAD to be finished THIS YEAR! And so I got to work.

Guide for Glorious Girls

The plan for 2022 was absolutely not to finish writing this children's novel, it was to finish writing my Guide for Glorious Girls. Oh well, sometimes life and history take you in a different direction! 

Coming out in 2022

  • The Invisible Quill, for children aged 8-11 (14th July). 
  • A collection of short stories by myself and my grandmother, Madeleine Izard.
  • Guide for Glorious Girls, all about what I want girls to know, based on my own experiences and those of my two daughters (by December).