Interview with Dr Gulara Vincent, author of the memoir Hammer, Sickle & Broom

Join Dr Gulara Vincent and myself in this conversation about her book Hammer, Sickle & Broom: A Memoir of Intergenerational Trauma in Azerbaijan and about her work as a healer.

Gulara Vincent is from Azerbaijan and lives in Devon, has two children, and is a writer and an associate university law lecturer. She is also a healer. Using a variety of healing methods, she helps her clients to locate and dissipate the stuck energy of any trauma they have experienced. She is passionate about helping women create true connection with themselves and in their relationships. Hammer, Sickle and Broom is her first book and we had a beautiful conversation about writing, the publishing process and her work around healing and relationships.



  • 05:38 How Gulara decided what to put in her memoir and what to leave out
  • 7:17 When Gulara started writing her book
  • 12:53 Why Gulara wrote her book and who for
  • 15:22 Gulara’s publishing journey with Fuzzy Flamingo
  • 17:35 The book cover, the story behind it and why you need a professional proofreader
  • 19:50 Why the publishing journey can be long
  • 20:33 The second book, autobiographical theatre performance and book embodiment
  • 26:10 The work that Gulara does in the world and her own healing journey
  • 35:10 Motherhood from all angles





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