Interview with Leonie Dawson, author of the Goal Getter Workbooks and the romantic novella Salt

Join Leonie Dawson and myself in this conversation about her Goal Getter Workbooks, her romance novella Salt, some of her e-courses and her work as an author, artist and course creator.

Leonie Dawson is an international bestselling author, artist and online course creator. She has generated over 11 million dollars in revenue so far, selling online courses but also selling her international bestselling Goal Getter Workbooks and planners (which I have been getting and using for 5 years now!), working only 10 hours a week. She has been recognised for her business acumen as a finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year and winner of the AusMumpreneur’s People’s Choice Business Coach. Leonie is indeed Australian and currently lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and their two daughters.

WARNING: a few swear words are uttered in this episode, you may want to put on your earpods/headphones.



  • 03:14 The Goal Getter Workbooks are ready!
  • 4:25 When and why they were created, and how they became such a big success
  • 16:35 Why Leonie wrote her romance novella Salt, and her slightly embarrassing moment when she mentioned her 18+ book to students at her old high school at a careers talk
  • 19:13 Leonie explains that, for her, writing fiction isn’t that different from writing and creating non-fiction
  • 21:16 How long it took Leonie to write Salt (why it doesn’t have to take for ever to write a novella or novel!)
  • 24:11 How Leonie manages work, writing and motherhood
  • 26:06 ADHD, autism and writing
  • 28:23 Leonie’s 40 Days to A Finished Book e-course
  • 31:28 Leonie’s best writing tip



DISCLAIMER: I’m an affiliate of Leonie's and I highly recommend everything she does! Some of the links below are my affiliate links.

  • Goal Getter Workbooks, out now and undated (the printed versions AND the electronic versions can all be found on this page):
  • Her romance novella Salt (under Leonie’s pen name Lola Leigh): (if you’re not in the UK, search for ‘Salt romance novella Lola Leigh’)
  • Link to all of Leonie’s courses (Behind the Scenes of a Multi-millionaire's Money in 2021; Marketing without Social Media; Sales Star Masterclass; Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income; 40 Days to Create + Sell Your E-course; 40 Days to a Finished Book e-course; The Ultimate Digital Christmas Planner):
  • Leonie’s free and amazing content on her website:



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