Interview with Joy Coutts, author of A Missing Mother

I had such a profound and touching conversation with Joy Coutts.

Joy is an author, editor and proofreader. She wrote and self-published her first novel in 2021, A Missing Mother: A Story of Childhood Loss. She lives in the north-east of England, near Durham, and her passions are sea dipping throughout the year, reading and writing.

Joy’s novel is set partly in England and partly in France, partly in the twenty-first century and partly in the twentieth century, and it makes for a fascinating read.



  • her writing process
  • her previous career in banking and auditing, and her move to entrepreneurship as a copy-editor, proofreader and writer
  • losing one’s mother as a young child (the theme of her novel)
  • writing with other women
  • a healthy lifestyle as part of happy authorship
  • space and time organisation as an author
  • perfectionism and how not to let that get in the way of birthing your book
  • her research journey into the historical background of her novel – the Second World War, the Freedom Trail, France, Spain, and everything that is mentioned in the book in terms of history, as more and more records have been released and are now available to the public
  • how the women who worked for the Secret Service paved the way for CHANGE for women in the second part of the twentieth century and the twenty-first century (of course still ongoing...)





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