Interview with Dr Sarah Madigan, author of "I Cannot Get this Wrong"

I so so enjoyed my conversation with Dr Sarah Madigan, all about writing, the self-publishing journey (including the editing process with a professional editor), having guest writers for one's book, as well as about overcoming anxiety, releasing shame, dealing with grief and child loss, and how to live a joyful life even after such a tragedy.

Sarah is a transformational leader, intent on JOY DOMINATION. She’s also a clinical psychologist, author, mama & music lover. She has a fire burning deep in her soul to spread love and joy in memory of her first son Finlay who died from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) type 1 in 2015. Sarah wants her clients to reclaim all the lost joy and teaches tools and methods on how to do so. Her unique mix of evidence base and magical woowoo captivates hearts, left, right and centre.

Sarah is the author of the book "I Cannot Get this Wrong", which also features articles by other people, and this is the book we focused on in this interview.



  • the book title and specifically the inverted commas, and the meaning of this phrase for Sarah, "I cannot get this wrong"
  • the reasons why Sarah wrote her book
  • the insights Sarah got from working with a professional editor
  • the pieces of writing the other authors provided, which enriched Sarah's book in such interesting ways
  • Sarah's creative process and how Sarah wrote and presented her book HER WAY
  • book promotion
  • Sarah's work as a psychologist and transformational leader
  • all the techniques that can help with anxiety and other issues
  • losing her first son Finlay and how to live joyfully after grief





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