Here is a selection of books that my beautiful clients have birthed over the years. Upcoming: books on quantum parenting, business for women, acupuncture and energy, divorce courts, and many more!

From Our Lips - 100 Women's Lips, 100 Women's Voices
Ali Mapletoft

This luxurious 200-page cloth bound book features 100 beautiful watercolour illustrations of women’s lips alongside 100 pieces of wisdom from the women themselves.

£5 per book will go towards Amnesty’s work, including support for defenders of women’s rights.

 Let this beautiful book take pride of place on your coffee table.


'I wanted to create a book that celebrates women's voices because too often we fear using them.' Ali Mapletoft


Each short piece of women’s wisdom is paired with an illustration of her lips. Topics range from uplifting mantras and vulnerable shares to viewpoints on women’s rights.

Find out more about Ali Mapletoft here.

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Awaken to a New World: My Journey from Surrender to Sovereignty

Helen Fisher

To be sovereign is your birth right. As you choose the path of awakening, you set the intent to come back home to your freedom and sovereignty.

Awaken to a New World is a transformational and inspiring journey of awakening, living from a state of surrender to embody true sovereignty.

The author shares her inspiring and subjective journey of releasing a lifetime of battles with addiction and of awakening to see through the illusion of a dark and destructive mindset, resulting in the realisation of the true power within to create a new world based on LOVE.

The book holds an energetic resonance that will initiate an awakening and healing process in yourself too, to allow you to begin your own journey into REMEMBERING who and what you really are as a human consciousness living NOW.

This book was guided by the collective consciousness of the children. The children are our future. They are asking us to step fully into who and what we really are in these transformational times on the planet. To remember requires you to unravel the enslaved mind that is filled with conditioned programming and generational patterns.

There is no other time than NOW to begin to see through the veil of illusion and to release what holds you back from fully embodying your own superpowers, and allowing yourself to consciously create a free world.

You are ready to go on a journey of awakening to remember who and what you really are.

You are a mother that is energetically sensitive and was labelled sensitive as a child.

You may be a mother of an energetically sensitive child. Perhaps your child is labelled with Autism, ADHD and or ADD or generally falls under the category of neurodivergent.

You are ready to stop seeking outside to fix yourself on something to relieve the trauma you may have been carrying all of your life.

You are ready to look at and question the beliefs that lock you into the world of illusion.

You want to begin to develop new beliefs that serve you and the greater good of a collective humanity.

You are intrigued and ready to go through a transformation to live freely from higher states of consciousness and be the true creator of your life experience.

You are ready to embody the true essence of LOVE and create a new world as a sovereign being.

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Hammer, Sickle and Broom: A Memoir of Intergenerational Trauma in Azerbaijan

Gulara Vincent

In the 1980s, the day-to-day life of a female in a provincial city within Soviet Azerbaijan feels like a curse. Gulush witnesses this in the lives of her suicidal mother and hardened grandmother. Growing up in an oppressive environment, she struggles to choose between her solid, yet harsh, grandmother and her free-spirited, yet reckless, young mother. Her personal struggle with coming of age in a patriarchal society is aggravated by the war with Armenia and the collapse of the Soviet Union, as everything she was led to believe in crumbles around her. The tale of the struggles and tribulations of these three generations of women in times of dramatic societal change creates a unique window into a time and world that remains largely unknown.

Gulara Vincent is a mother of two, an energy healer, writer and associate university law lecturer. Using a variety of healing methods, she helps her clients to locate and dissipate the stuck energy of any trauma. She is passionate about helping women create true connection in their relationships. Follow her on Instagram here.

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I Just Want To Have A Baby: A Guide for Your Emotional Well-being on Your Journey from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom
Dany Griffiths

  • Are you seeking to get pregnant (as a couple or as a solo parent)? Or is your partner?
  • Are you trying to conceive naturally or through assisted methods?
  • Have you been trying to conceive for a short time and the trickle of fear is creeping in?
  • Do you feel traumatised by the years of a difficult Fertility Journey and wonder how you can possibly go on?

Going through a difficult/different Fertility Journey is emotionally devastating and how you experience it is unique to you. Yet there is very little support available.

This book takes you through a healing process to enhance your life and, in turn, your chances of Fertility Success, no matter your situation or the length of your Fertility Journey.

It does this through teaching you the Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ approach, so you are able to ‘Live in the Wait’, meaning you:

  • move from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom
  • consciously and intuitively follow the right path for you
  • confidently convey your needs and wants to others
  • handle difficult questions about your fertility the way you want to
  • live life on your terms, feeling emotionally strong and physically energised

Dany Griffiths is the Founder and award-winning Creator of the Freedom Fertility Formula™ and has been supporting individuals with fertility issues since 2007. She is on a mission to put taking care of emotional well-being at the heart of every Fertility Journey. Find out more about Dany Griffiths here.

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A Missing Mother – A Story of Childhood Loss
Joy Coutts

The fictional story of little Marianne Bouchard set in 1942/43 through 2000 sees events through her eyes of growing up and then her grown-up life – all experienced without her mother. 

Intertwined with this is Valérie's wartime story, her missing mother. It reveals the experiences of a woman's role within the Women's Auxiliary Air Force or WAAF and Special Operations Executive during World War II. A life that her daughter discovers the previously unknown and uplifting truth about 57 years later.

Was Valérie really who she thought she was? What secrets about the war had her grandmother Winnie kept hidden? From her dining room table, Marianne begins an investigation linking events and clues, then embarks on a journey of discovery to find the missing mother she never knew.

The backdrop of Valérie's wartime story tells of the bravery and courage of the women agents who served in the Special Operations Executive. In fighting for freedom and peace from the Nazi regime, many of them never returned to their homes and families.

These women played their amazing – if unbelievably true – part in defeating the tyranny in 1940s Europe. The story of the female SOE operatives is as fascinating as it is harrowing. They were ordinary women – wives, sisters, daughters, mothers. The sad and disturbing element of this is the fact that the real, detailed story of most of these women did not receive the public or authorities' recognition of their commitment and bravery until many years later. The author pays homage to these brave souls and their contribution to peace and freedom.

Joy Coutts is an editor, proofreader and writer, a lover of words and observations on life and a wild sea woman in the northeast of England. A Missing Mother is her first book. Find out more about Joy here.

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K.I.S.S. Crypto (Keep It Simple Steps to Crypto): A guide in plain English for those who want to know more, don't know where to start and want to get ahead in an evolving financial world

Clare Curtis

This book breaks down the mystery and technical overwhelm surrounding cryptocurrency for those people that aren't sure where to start. K.I.S.S. Crypto is for everyday people without any background knowledge to learn more so they can position themselves in an evolving financial landscape. This is more than a guide, it is informative without being complex. Simple, concise and in plain English.

K.I.S.S. Crypto will help you understand more about:

  • the existing financial system, including lending, global debt, gold standard, fiat money and currency
  • what centralised and decentralised finance are and why it's important you understand the difference
  • why the value of cryptocurrency changes
  • who some of the big investors are that you may least expect
  • what mining is
  • what Altcoins are
  • how to buy crypto
  • wallets and keys
  • security and protection of your assets
  • a summary on how to get started if you decide to get involved

The book also features many resource recommendations for you to continue learning more if you choose to.

This is a beginners’ guide for those concerned about their financial future or for those who are exploring ways crypto may protect their assets or at least enable their wealth to work for them in a new way.

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Optimistic Birth: Your Guide to a Fearless Loving Birth

Ashleigh Vilk

This book is for mothers who feel there is a better way to birth; for mothers who think their birthing body is pretty miraculous and feel there must be a way to have a positive birth; for mothers who love the idea of having a loving fearless birth; for mothers who think a loving birth is a wonderful gift for their child.

This book is a very easy read, full of guidance in the form of exercises, meditations and fear release work to create a fearless physiology that favours your body’s natural processes. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions determined how you respond in birthing. With an optimistic attitude you can approach birth in a state of love. The key to optimistic birthing is a mindset change, reprogramming fears into optimism.

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The Mindful Breastfeeding Book: Preparing You for Calm and Connected Feedin

Anna Le Grange

The Mindful Breastfeeding Book is the first of its kind, linking the workings of the mind to having a more fulfilling breastfeeding experience. Pregnancy is a time for preparation and learning; only few expectant couples look beyond the birth itself. Learning about how the breastfeeding body works and how your brain operates is an important part of this, and it can make all the difference when it comes to those early days and weeks of parenthood and having the breastfeeding experience you desire. This friendly, simple and interactive guide is written by Anna Le Grange, a Certified Lactation Consultant, Paediatric Nurse and Meditation Coach with over 20 years’ experience in supporting new parents. From first-hand experience, Anna has seen the difference that understanding the mind–body connection makes for families who are starting out on their breastfeeding journey. In this book she shares the practical tools that she uses with families alongside breastfeeding education and support in her practice. However you want breastfeeding to look for you and your family, this book will provide you with the knowledge, mindfulness tools and support that you need to navigate your way as you plan and start to feed your baby, giving you the confidence to both parent and feed with calmness, connection and in a way that works for you.

Follow Anna Le Grange on Instagram here.

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Sneeze Wees and Cough Farts

Sarah Parker

It’s your first baby, you don’t know how your body is supposed to feel afterwards. Lots of other things have changed, maybe this is normal? You may even have seen a health professional who’s told you this IS normal – you’ve just had a baby, give it some time.

But you know your body and something’s not quite right. Your pelvic floor feels strained, loose. There is a heaviness in your vagina. And every now and then you leak urine.

Or maybe you felt back to normal and decided to start exercising again, but it’s making you leak. Do you buy pads and just get on with it? Or is there something you can do?

You’ve lost confidence in your postnatal body and you’re not sure what you’re ALLOWED to do.

This book is designed to give you tips and techniques to implement into your daily life to:
– stop the strain on your pelvic floor
– help you start to strengthen it
– give you ways to get back to the exercise that you love

Written by a pre- and postnatal exercise specialist who experienced prolapse after both of her births, this book gives you the techniques Sarah Parker implemented to prevent her prolapse worsening and help her avoid surgery. She has used the same techniques with hundreds of new mums, helping them to stop leaking, regain confidence in their bodies and prevent prolapse.

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Pregnancy Sucks: The Mental and Physical Struggles of Pregnancy and How I’ve Avoided Perinatal Depression (PND) the Second Time Around

Jo Tucker

As a mother of one, having experienced perinatal depression and anxiety, Jo was nervous about going through pregnancy again. Armed with a heap of information around pregnancy and birth, all a result of her recent experiences, and a greater awareness of her triggers, she was determined this time not to just wait and see what happens. Jo started journaling about what had happened and was happening throughout her pregnancy. What she discovered through this process has led to the creation of this book, in the hope that it could help at least one other person experiencing a similar situation.

Follow Jo Tucker on Instagram here.

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Don’t Panic! 5 Things Every Birth Partner Should Know

Rena Gough

Being asked to be a birth partner is wonderful. Whether you are the expectant dad, the future grandparent, the aunty or the best friend, it is an honour to know that the lady in question trusts you to help her through the birth of her child.

But it also comes with great responsibility. You are the person who she needs to rely on if things get tough. And this little book is here to tell you everything you need to know to make sure you are worthy of the role.

There are only 5 things to remember, 5 simple things that will help you to be the best birth partner she could have hoped for.

And it only takes about half an hour to read.

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Keep Calm and Birth On

Rena Gough

Do not to buy this book if:

  1. You are looking forward to being in immense amounts of pain with no way of dealing with it until someone says you can have the drugs.
  2. You are not too fussed about needing loads of stitches.
  3. You want to be able to join in with the stories about how bad your birth was with all the other women at work.
  4. You are planning to audition for One Born Every Minute.
  5. You think a few pounds is too much to spend on yourself even though you have been pregnant for soooo long.

However, if you are looking for a quick way to learn about birth that won’t leave you feeling dazed and confused then you are in the right place. This little book explains everything you need to know about birth in an easy to understand format with no waffle or complicated explanations, and you can read it all in about an hour.

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The Power of Hypnobirthing: 10 Reasons Why It's for You

Christine Huntingford

Hypnobirthing techniques are powerful!

However, hypnobirthing is still not a mainstream option for antenatal classes and many people are put off by the word itself. The word ‘hypnobirthing’ may even conjure up deceptive images. I’m here to reveal to you that a hypnobirthing course is a down-to-earth and simple approach to understanding and accepting pregnancy and labour as a natural process.

This introductory book explains ten indisputable reasons why hypnobirthing is the most effective birth preparation course. You will discover not only how it informs you about everything you need to know about late pregnancy, labour and birth, but that it also shows the importance of choosing the right birth partner and educating them to be able to support you in the correct way during this amazing and miraculous journey.

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