Unblock your mind and start your book in five hours!

For conscious, soul-led visionaries and movement leaders in the wellness industry


Yes please, I want to get unblocked around my writing!

Tuesday 14th September 2021 9.30am2.30pm BST

via Zoom


A 5-hour online Deep-dive Day

for an intimate group of women

to help you identify your writing blocks

release them

and get writing NOW!


+ 2-week group support in geneva.com

During this online group Deep-dive Day, you will...

identify your writing blocks in a brainstorming session 

you’ll see, you’re not alone, we allllll have the same blocks

learn how to release them

using my 3-step 3P process in a powerful EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka 'tapping') session

brainstorm (and share if you wish) your topic and structure ideas for your book

this is so much fun, you'll love it and won't believe how fast it can all happen


put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a chapter for your book

it's surprising how much gets written when you are focused and in a group of like-minded women

feel amazing and super confident by the end of our time together

and like you are finally ready to write AND FINISH your book!

I am SO ready to FINALLY start writing my book!

Meet your host

Isabelle Izard

Writer since 1984, editor and proofreader since 2000, and hypnotherapist and EFT/NLP/IEMT/Reiki practitioner since 2014, self-published author since 2019, I have been combining it all in my Birth Your Book programme and other book-birthing-related programmes since 2018.

As a Book and Business Doula, I support women editorially and emotionally as they birth their books. These women are conscious, soul-led visionaries and movement leaders in the wellness industry, here to help heal the world, one client and one reader at a time.

I know you want to spread your message far and wide and you have a book in you that will help you do that. Are you ready to finally release your blocks and start writing your book?

Your investment


for the day + the 2-week group support in Geneva, which includes:


* 2 weekly calls

* quick answers to quick questions within our Geneva group, Monday to Thursday



The first 3 women to sign up will be granted free access to my EFT for Writers mini-course

(you will have access to it for the lifetime of the course)

Book your space here



I already have a book idea and have started writing a chapter. Can I still attend this Deep-dive Day?

Yes, absolutely. You can come and explore your idea more deeply, release the block(s) you may have around carrying on writing, decide which chapter to write next, etc. 


I have many book ideas and just can’t decide which one to choose. Will you be able to help me?

Yes, definitely. I can ask you focused questions that will support you in determining which one you should go for.


I only have one book idea but I’m not sure it’s a good one. Will you be able to help me determine if it is or not?

Yes, absolutely. We can spend a few minutes talking it through on the day.


I have already written a few bits and pieces for my book. Can I attend this Deep-dive Day? 

As long as you gather together all those bits and pieces before the start of our day together, yes you are most welcome to attend. I will give you a process for how to sort them and how to start putting them together in a way that feels right.


How long will we actually write for?

Around 2 hours, depending on how the day goes and how many questions there are.


Will you critique what I have written?

No, there will be no time to share, edit or critique everything that you have written. This is something I offer in another container.


I want to change the world one reader at a time thanks to my book. I don’t want to be all stressed writing every day for 3 hours and finishing my book in 30 days. Is this day still for me?

Yes, it is. You are who I love working with! Slow and steady is my policy!


Together we write, together we rise, together we heal the world


Yes, I want to help heal the world with my book!