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I am Isabelle and I support you with book writing, the self-publishing process and business expansion

as you help heal the world

You have read allllll the books...

It is now time you wrote your own!

You are a conscious, heart-centred, highly sensitive and visionary coach, healer or therapist, you are an entrepreneuse with ideas, you are a quiet leader, and it is time to put all your learnings, teachings and wisdom into a book.


It is time to expand…


your self

your business

your vision

confidently and proudly


by writing a book that will elevate your brand


It is time to birth your book

Welcome to the Writing Women Wisemind!

Creating the business and leading the movement you have been dreaming of for months, years or even decades is now your top priority.

Writing and self-publishing your book can no longer wait.

It is time.

And you have found me, Isabelle, Book & Business Doula.

I am here to hold space for you and guide you on one of the most exciting and joyous journeys you will ever be on, as you expand into the next version of yourself in your life and business and write your book.

I work with highly sensitive, highly intuitive, heart-centred, conscious women who need space and time to get organised in their lives and businesses and to write, around their energy levels, their cycles (including their creativity cycle), their families and their clients.

Writing, for us sensitive women, takes time. We can't just sit down and write every day for 4 hours and get the book done in a month.

As an editor and proofreader with over 20 years' experience in the publishing industry both in-house and freelance, as a hypnotherapist and NLP, EFT, IEMT and Reiki practitioner since 2014, and as a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach and a Business Coach since 2019/20, I combine all my skills and experience in my book doula offerings, providing a safe space for you to explore your blocks around writing as well as around leadership, money mindset, business and, well... life! 

I am so much more than a book coach as I offer the emotional support in all the areas that might affect your writing – not just grammar, spelling and structure issues.

I do this because I know that leading a book to successful completion comes with a lot of baggage from past emotional issues as well as very practical problems that need to be solved in order to create the mental and physical space for the birth of your book.

 Over the 3 and a half years that I have dedicated to book doulaing (with additional money and business support where necessary), I have helped around 30 women write and publish their books. Dany Griffiths is one of them. 

Dany Griffiths, author of I Just Want to have a Baby: A Guide for Your Emotional Well-being on Your Journey from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom and creator of the Freedom Fertility Formula™ 

'I found it very valuable to chat through writing ideas with Isabelle and really appreciated how she would also follow up with additional thoughts on a topic we’d been discussing, as she processed the ideas further in her mind between sessions (the tag line for my book being a fabulous example of this).

Isabelle blends a lovely mix of fun, creative inspiration and gentle encouragement with practical steps for self-publishing.

Isabelle also recommends trusted people you need on your ‘book birthing team’, for such things as editing, proofreading, formatting and book cover design – all saving time and energy.

Isabelle leaves you in no doubt that she is as passionate about you getting to the point of birthing your book as you are, and although I did not initially feel like I ‘needed’ to work with Isabelle, I am glad I trusted my instincts as it was 100% the right decision to do so.'

Click here to see my book portfolio and here to see more testimonials.

I specialise in supporting women who want to write self-development books and (teaching) memoirs

Your book is about your story, why you do what you do and how you do it, and the programme(s) that you offer in your business

Your book is about your life, your learnings, your teachings, your approach to life, business and wellness and your philosophy

I know you think you 'just have to' sit down, buckle up, take a deep breath, grit your teeth and 'just write'.

But that is not the case.

There are many aspects to explore before you can 'sit down and write' and as you create your book. 

There are really five stages to the birth of the kind of book you want to write, and I call my framework the Birth Your Book Blueprint.

The Birth Your Book Blueprint

Here are the 5 stages of the book-birthing journey.

Birth Your Writing Business

Before you start writing your book, you need to get to know yourself as a writer, get organised in your personal life and in your business, and know how to focus on the right things in the right order in order to make your book-birthing journey as smooth as possible. This will help you stay on track during the whole journey, from the seed of an idea right up to publishing day, and beyond too. If you join the Wisemind, this is where you will learn EFT, your Sacred Money Archetypes® and your cycles (menstrual, moon and creativity), as well as the whole book-birthing journey in detail.

Birth Your Book Branding

This is all about your ideal reader, and we base it on your ideal client in your business and brand. Because it’s all related, right? I take you through the Branding with Archetypes Blueprint and you then will always be able to refer to it, never lose track of who you’re writing for and why, and always focus on them and how to help them. It will also help you choose words that are relevant to their experiences, in all your writing (blog posts, social media, book).

Birth Your First Draft

Obviously, this is a crucial part of the writing process (to write a book, you have to write!). When you write your first draft, you write your first draft. Nothing else should grab your attention. You are focused on just that. I am here to encourage you, to hold your hand, to guide you, and you can submit up to 500 words once a month so that I can make sure you're on the right track.

Birth Your Book

This is the next part of the writing process, the actual BIRTH of your book – the bit where you edit and have your book edited, as well as having it proofread, and where you get your book cover and formatting done. You can do it all yourself if you're a grammar and vocabulary nerd like me, and if you have an eye for design and if you can and have the time to format your book, or you can have it done (highly advisable!). It’s also the step where you start gathering your book-birthing team.

Beyond the Book

This is the final part of the writing journey – the bit where you release your book into the world, take it to market, promote it and hopefully see sales grow day after day. Obviously, without this stage, no book gets sold and all your efforts will have been for nothing. It would be like giving birth to your baby in the cellar and leaving them there for no one to see or cuddle. Heart-breaking. So do not stop at the birth of your book – go beyond and keep going. 

How to book your space on the Writing Women Wisemind

Before you can sign up and book your space, I want to make sure that you will be a great fit for the group, so I want to invite you to book a Connection Call with me.

After you book, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire so that we can hit the ground running right from the start of our call.

You will also be able to ask me all the questions you may have about the Wisemind :-)

Click on the button below to book your Connection Call. You can choose the day and time that suits your schedule, but note that it has to be booked for before or on Sunday 13th March 2022 at the latest, as the Wisemind starts on Monday 14th March with your Welcome Call at 1pm London time. (You will join the Wednesday calls with the other women in the Wisemind on Wednesday 20th April.) 

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Anna Le Grange
Author of The Mindful Breastfeeding Book

‘Before working with Isabelle, although I had started the writing process, it felt heavy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t enjoying writing and I was avoiding working on my book despite knowing it was what I wanted and was being called to do. Isabelle helped me to recognise what was holding me back from writing and then enabled me to free myself from those blocks using EFT and other techniques.

I would say that the fears and anxieties that I held were completely eradicated. I no longer worry about what others’ opinions of my writing might be and I feel free to express what I want to say in the way that feels true to me.

Isabelle has also helped me to structure my book and break down the chapters into clear and manageable chunks, making the writing process feel light and enjoyable.’

Anna’s book, The Mindful Breastfeeding Book, came out in January 2020.


There are two bonuses available

  • If you are one of the first 5 women to join the Wisemind between now and 13th March, you will be able to book a free 1:1 EFT session with me, to be taken at any time during the 9 months.
  • If you pay in full, you will receive a free group Breathwork session with Hannah Robson early May (date TBC).

So if you are one of the first 5 women who join AND pay in full, you receive BOTH bonuses

Structure of the Wisemind

It is a 9-month programme where I will lead the group and you and the other women all get to chip in with ideas and information. It's not me teaching and leading and telling you what to do. I will always be guided by the needs of each participant, and in turn will guide them and the group as a whole in the right direction so that we can all publish our books by 14th December 2022 (the women who are already in the group will publish theirs by 19th October).


How long does it last?

9 months, from Monday 14th March 2022 to Wednesday 14th December 2022 (included).


How often will we meet?

Weekly over 40 weeks (except for 2 weeks – see below).


When will we meet?

Your welcome call will be on Monday 14th March at at 7pm London time

The foundations of what you need to know to start your book are all pre-recorded in the course portal (in Kajabi). 

Then every Wednesday at 1pm London time from Wednesday 16th March (no session on 13th April because of the Easter holidays), according to the following schedule: 

  • Wednesday 16th March: EFT session
  • Wednesday 23rd March: Co-writing session at 1pm-2.30pm (all our co-writing session will be 90 minutes)
  • Wednesday 30th March: Q&A session at 1pm-2pm BST (all our Q&A sessions will be 60 minutes)
  • Wednesday 6th April: Co-writing session at 1pm-2.30pm BST
  • Wednesday 20th April: Co-writing session at 1pm-2.30pm BST
  • etc.

The actual topic of each session will depend on the needs of the women in the group. The rest of our time together will be more fluid, but with strict deadlines for the finalisation of the first draft, so that all books are actually published by 14th December 2022. That is my aim and certainly the aim for all involved. Of course, life may happen, I can't make you write if you are too busy with family or business, if you are ill, etc. But this schedule is my intention for the whole 9 months and I will do my utmost to keep you accountable during our time together.

To allow for the Easter and October holidays, we will not meet on 13th April or on 26th October.

The EFT sessions will be to help you release any writing/life/business-related fears and help you keep a clear mind for your writing.

If you decide to join the Wisemind, I highly suggest you keep every Wednesday morning/afternoon (depending on your time zone) free so that you can always write or rest (or both!) after these sessions.

The Q&A sessions will be opportunities to ask me anything (more in-depth than in the Telegram group – see below) and for me to give you feedback on the piece of writing you may have provided ahead of the session (at least 48 hours). It will also be the time we can review any of the resources I provide and for you to aks me questions about them.


Will there be support between sessions?

Yes. There will be a group on Telegram (yes, away from Facebook – we don't want any unncessary distractions!) and you can ask me quick-fire questions every day Monday to Thursday, between 10am and 5pm London time. You can also ask for encouragement/cheerleading and share your highs and your lows.

Who are you?


  1. are a highly sensitive, heart-centred, conscious entrepreneuse with ideas

  2. have a big vision for the world

  3. are passionate about helping the world heal in the deepest and most long-lasting ways

  4. love being part of a group of women

  5. love sharing your ideas and your wins

  6. need guidance and support when it comes to sorting out your ideas and to writing, editing and self-publishing your book

  7. know you need space and time to get organised in your life and business and to write, around your energy levels, your cycles (including your creativity cycle), your clients and of course your family and… LIFE

  8. want to feel calm and in control in all areas of your life and business so that you can write

  9. sense that this Wisemind is what you have been looking for for a while

  10. are ready to birth your book!

When you book your space on the Writing Women Wisemind, what you’re really getting is…

  • editorial and pratical support from an editor, proofreader and writer who has been writing for over three decades and been in the publishing industry in-house and freelance for over two

  • deep, caring emotional support from someone who was a birth doula, postnatal doula and hypnobirthing teacher for 9 years and who has been a hypnotherapist and an NLP, EFT, IEMT and Reiki practitioner since 2014 (Reiki since 2017) – helping others with their mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • a French woman who brings a bit of ooh là là and va va voom and much joy and humour in her sessions! Indeed, I am French and have lived in the UK since 1995, so that will be 27 years this year! And yes, all the books I have edited and proofread were in English, with also a few French ones (in educational publishing)
  • a grammar, vocabulary and spelling geek – I have always loved languages (I have learned Spanish and Italian too), language and words; I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I LOVE the structure and logic of grammar, and I also LOVE the flow of ideas and creativity!
  • someone whose Sacred Money Archetypes® are Accumulator, Alchemist and Ruler, all of which I bring into all aspects of my work (and yes, you will get to find out what yours are, what your natural strengths are and how to make the most of them, and what your challenges are and how to tone them down)
  • someone who has written many books (some finished, some unfinished), one of which is published on Amazon (Kindle only), a book of poems about being the daughter of a narcissistic father, Hidden Hints; I am not a born poet but this book had to be out of my system and published before I could write and publish the others 



So let's recap what you get for the whole 9 months

1. Weekly sessions with, every month: 

  • TWO 90mn co-writing sessions
  • ONE 60mn Q & A session
  • ONE 60mn EFT group session

2. 4-days-a-week support in Telegram where you can ask me anything (within these parameters: quick-fire questions, words of encouragement, celebrations, quick book/chapter-structure questions, an explanation about what I have said in a call, etc.), Mon-Thur, 10am-5pm London time

3. my 22 years of experience as an editor and proofreader and 8 years as a hypnotherapist and EFT and NLP practitioner + my experience as a writer

4. resources (including mp3s, my EFT 3-stage 3P handout, all the information you need to self-publish, and anything that will crop up during our time together)

5. my superpowers of idea generator, accountability coach and gentle approach with cycle awareness and supporting you on the subconscious level rather than willpower and daily grind




Option 1: pay in full (save £464)



Option 2: pay in instalments


  • £1,500 deposit when you book
  • then £433 x8 on the first of the month from 1st April 2022




Option 1: pay in full (save £500)



Option 2: pay in instalments


  • £1,500 deposit when you book
  • then £500 x8 on the first of the month from 1st April 2022



NO REFUNDS as I want the women who sign up to be committed to themselves, their books, their businesses and their expansion.

Book your Connection Call!

Let's find out if you would be a good fit for the group and come with all your questions!

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Frequently asked questions


Does this programme include editing and proofreading by you?

Not as such. I will not edit or proofread any of the books produced by anyone in the Wisemind (unless it's very short and I have availability, and this is not included in the Wisemind investment – I would give you a quote for this work). However, you will each have the opportunity to submit up to 500 words once a month at least 48 hours before our Q&A session, so that I can help keep you on track and pinpoint any major issues with your manuscript (any of it, including your introduction, your blurb, etc.). 


Does this programme include the cost of formatting and book cover of my book?

No, this is something you will have to do yourself (Amazon KDP has tonnes of free covers that you can use as templates, so does Canva) or have done (I will recommend a few people/companies). Of course, you can definitely share in the group ideas of covers and we can give you our opinions, but that's about it. I am definitely not a book-cover designer, a book designer or a book formatter, but I have some knowledge of what works and what doesn't, so I can definitely guide you.


Some of the dates will not work for me. Will there be recordings? 

Don’t worry, all our sessions will be recorded and hosted on a platform called Kajabi. The only exception will be the co-writing sessions – these may be partially recorded or not recorded at all, depending on what happens during each session (watching our faces while we write will be as fascinating as watching paint dry – I would rather you wrote instead!) 


What if I finish my book way before the end of the Wisemind?

If you're anything like me and my current and past clients (which, if you have read so far, you probably are!), your brain and soul are full of book ideas. So you can just start writing another book! Or/and you can just keep coming to the sessions for emotional release and support, and for questions around marketing your book – the writing and publishing of your book by no means signal the end of your efforts – it will then be time to market and promote, and we always need help and emotional and practical support with that too! 


Are there topics or genres that are not a good fit for the Wisemind?

Yes. This Wisemind is only for memoirs, teaching memoirs and books that are about your methodology/philosophy/approach. If what you want to write is a novel, or any kind of fiction, or poetry, or history, I'm afraid this mastermind isn't for you. 


How available do I need to be in order to make the most of the Wisemind?

At least 60 minutes or 90 minutes every week, to attend the calls, and on top of that, probably around 3 hours a week (a bit less on co-writing weeks, since you will already have 90 minutes of writing under your belt). Of course, the answer to this question depends on how fast you write and long your book is going to be, and right now you may not know that. For sure, there is a time commitment as the book won't write itself ;-) Know, however, that it can be 'written' in voice notes (for example, on the Otter app or in Google Docs), so it's not alllll time spent in front of your screen for hours on end. As suggested above, if you join, I highly recommend you keep at least your Wednesday morning/afternoon (depending on your time zone) dedicated to the Wisemind and your writing.


I understand there will be support between sessions in a group on Telegram. Is Telegram free?

Yes, it is. And it’s available for both mobile and desktop. Download the desktop app here.


I have one more question before I book a Connection Call, how shall I get in touch with you?

Just send me an email via the form on this page and I’ll get back to you.

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Let's find out if you would be a good fit for the group and come with all your questions!

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